Rice Water Gave Me Thicker, Shinier Hair

Rice is a kitchen staple demonstrate in in relation to every pantry—it’s easy to cook dinner, and it pairs neatly with most dishes. It turns out that rice water—actually the water leftover out of your cooked rice—moreover makes for an pleasing hair mask whilst you happen to’re in need of some further quantity and shine. 

Rice water has been former to have a tendency to dry, brittle hair for hundreds of years. Researchers stumbled on that Eastern ladies folk residing in some unspecified time in the future of the Heian Length (794 to 1185)—neatly-known for having thick, floor-length locks—would seize the water leftover from rinsing the grain and comb it thru their hair, which minimized frizz and guarded in opposition to breakage. This day the Yao ladies folk, who stay in China’s Guangxi Put, own built up a reputation for lustrous, prolonged hair that is mechanically submerged in a rice water mixture to withhold its appearance and neatly being. 

Simply set up, rice water is one of basically the most attention-grabbing (and oldest) programs for boosting hair’s radiance, physique, and length. And it simplest requires two ingredients you already own.

Queer how the water would own an ticket on my curls and offer protection to in opposition to heat hurt in some unspecified time in the future of my occasional blowout, I pulled out the derive of rice sitting in my cabinet, rinsed it a pair of instances, then poured water over the rice and left it to soak in the bowl for approximately 10 minutes. After the water used to be a glorious, milky white, I  strained out the rice, pouring the water unswerving into a glass container that I situation aside in a single day. (You are searching for to let the water sit down for some time so that it will proceed to ferment, which boosts the stage of antioxidants demonstrate in step with this 2019 ogle.)

Within the morning I grabbed my bottle and took it with me in the bathe. After washing and conditioning the formulation I in most cases form, I poured the rice water over my hair, making definite to sweep it thru from root to tip. After letting it sit down for a minute while, I rinsed it out.

Even while I used to be rinsing, I might well well in actuality feel a slickness to my hair—no longer sticky, nonetheless a noticeable coating on the strands—and it felt thicker. After drying off, I used to be recurring whether the protective barrier would halt after I began to be aware heat.

Blowing out my curls in most cases takes 15 minutes, and that’s if I don’t get distracted. No longer simplest did I salvage myself spending less time operating my blow-drying brush thru my hair, I moreover seen less tugging. Afterwards my hair used to be easy cushy and total of physique. I then did a pair passes of my flat-iron to get an further-swish search for. And somewhat than my hair being weighed down (which might happen if there’s too grand product or the protective spray I’m utilizing is a minute too thick), it used to be light, bouncy, and lustrous.

To assert I used to be impressed is an right understatement. Given how easy the mask used to be to get and the design instant I seen outcomes, I definitely knowing on incorporating rice water into my hair-care routine, especially on days when I are searching for to offer protection to in opposition to unsuitable heat hurt.

Michella Oré is a beauty assistant at Glamour. Notice her on Instagram @michellaor.

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