Right here is the most sleek with the continued audit of votes in Maricopa County, AZ

Right here’s the most sleek with the continued audit of votes in Maricopa County, AZ. . .

First up, there’s some brewing drama as worn Secretary of Say Ken Bennett, who is serving because the liaison between the Say Senate and the audit, is now not joyful with the formula the Twitter story region up for the audit has been tweeting:

I asked Ken Bennett if he’s k with how the @ArizonaAudit is being high-tail in his title. He correct kind instructed me, “No I’m now not and I’m correcting that straight away.”

— Dillon Rosenblatt (@DillonReedRose) Might 2, 2021

As of this post, however, Bennett’s title is quiet on the story:

Bennett did file a video for the story earlier this weekend the put he acknowledged “each damn” vote will likely be audited:

We had a undoubtedly a hit week and we aren’t going to halt till each damn ballotis verified!

— Maricopa Arizona Audit (@ArizonaAudit) Might 2, 2021

Bennett also reportedly reached out to 1 among the journos centered by the story to apologize:

To his credit, Senate audit liaison Ken Bennett called me this AM to apologize for story’s tweets geared toward me. It was once very gracious & unexpected. He acknowledged story will likely be altering. I’m responsive to others who’ve got identical call. It also wasn’t surprising. Right here is a story…

— Brahm Resnik (@brahmresnik) Might 2, 2021

The audit story also accused the Dem Secretary of Say of getting her election professional impersonate a reporter to develop accumulate admission to to the put of abode:

You @katiehobbs will likely be held accountable for having your paid election professional Ryan Macias impersonate a reporter and capture a glimpse at to sneak previous security to build up on the ballotflooring. Extra to return!

— Maricopa Arizona Audit (@ArizonaAudit) Might 2, 2021

However the election professional, Ryan Macias, denied this price:

I talked to Ryan. He acknowledged he was once there pro bono, it be within the courtroom filing.

He also acknowledged he didn’t sneak previous security. He didnt hang media creds so he was once turned into away. Register sheet will inform “unaffiliated” next to his title.

— The AZ – abc15 – Knowledge Guru (@Garrett_Archer) Might 2, 2021

And in other files, there’s a likelihood the audit is now not done on time:

“Maricopa County election audit would possibly perhaps perchance perchance perchance final weeks longer than expected, ‘has no closing date.'” (through @taylorseely95)

— Dan Nowicki (@dannowicki) Might 2, 2021

If it’s now not finished by Might 14, they’ll must pause the audit and resume it after the put of abode’s contractual responsibilities are over:

An replace. Ken Bennett acknowledged he quiet can now not fragment how many ballots had been counted, and stressed escape is of no sigh of affairs to the Senate. Mentioned if it’s now not done by Might 14, when AZ Say Ultimate wants the coliseum help, they’ll pause audit then resume later. #azaudit

— Taylor Seely (@taylorseely95) Might 1, 2021

The Say Ultimate wants the coliseum help for a pair of local graduations. Bennett acknowledged if audit is unfinished by Might 14 and in addition they must pause/resume later, would require eliminating the instruments on the flooring. The materials would remain on put of abode, however, he acknowledged. #azauditpool

— Taylor Seely (@taylorseely95) Might 1, 2021

Bennett also attempted to clear up correct kind what the auditors are attempting to gain on the ballots:

Bennett also defined that after ballots are hand counted, they’re despatched to the “paper evaluation” spherical the put workers look for folds, whether ink gentle to own in bubbles is from pen now not machine, and any abnormalities. #azauditpool

— Taylor Seely (@taylorseely95) Might 1, 2021

There was once loads of speculation referring to the usage of UV lights, nonetheless, apparently, they’re now not the usage of them:

Previously, these paper evaluations incorporated UV gentle assessments. Bennett acknowledged this was once to observe watermarks. The UV lights are now not being gentle. Bennett acknowledged it wasn’t because of they were giving up. They discovered a means to observe watermarks without the lights. #azauditpool

— Taylor Seely (@taylorseely95) Might 1, 2021

And so they’re quiet making an are attempting to gain watermarks even even when the ballots don’t hang watermarks on them:

When asked why they’re making an are attempting to gain watermarks (given official ballots attain now not hang watermarks), Ken Bennett noted of us construct now not belief the election. Hunting for watermarks would possibly perhaps perchance perchance perchance help dispel suspicions, he instructed. #azauditpool

— Taylor Seely (@taylorseely95) Might 1, 2021

Extra on that right here:

The suspicion over watermarks goes help to a debunked conspiracy defined on this story. #azauditpool

— Taylor Seely (@taylorseely95) Might 1, 2021

The audit will resume on Monday:

Our audit crew has been working very hard and we’re taking a day of leisure. Operations will originate help up at 8AM on Monday morning!

— Maricopa Arizona Audit (@ArizonaAudit) Might 2, 2021

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