Rod Wave Principles Scorching 100 Songwriters Chart, Led by ‘Tombstone’ & Extra

Coarse, Title (co-songwriters moreover to Rod Wave)
No. 11, “Tombstone” (Eric Foley Jr., Jaylon Howard, Jai Beats)
No. 16, “Avenue Runner” (TNTxD, London Blue, Karltin Bankz, Ruth B)
No. 22, “Richer,” featuring Polo G (Polo G, Roland Hannah, Flynn Cranston)
No. 55, “SoulFly” (TNTxD, Tahj Money, Shaad Okay Rounds, Ryan Hartlove)
No. 61, “Long gone Except November” (Drum Dummie, Kimj)
No. 63, “Develop no longer Fail to recollect” (TNTxD, Basobeats)
No. 65, “Blame on You” (TNTxD, Evrgrn, Adam Fritz)
No. 71, “All I Bought” (Mook Bought The Keys Leaping, LowLowTurnMeUp, DZIMI)
No. 85, “Pills & Billz” (Eric Foley Jr., Roland Hannah, Uncle Cameron)
No. 88, “How the Sport Accelerate” (Ryder Johnson, Taz Taylor, Adawg)
No. 89, “OMDB” (Yung Tago, A$tod)
No. 94, “What’s Enjoy??” (Bizounce, Luci G)
No. 96, “Shock Da World” (TNTxD, Jay Beats, Uncle Cameron)
No. 98, “Sneaky Hyperlinks” (TNTxD, DMac, London Blue, Karltin Bankz)

The weekly Scorching 100 Songwriters and Scorching 100 Producers charts are consistent with total factors accumulated by a songwriter and producer, respectively, for every attributed song that appears to be like on the Scorching 100; plus, genre-based completely completely songwriter and producer charts practice the identical methodology consistent with corresponding “Scorching”-named genre charts. As with Billboard‘s yearly recaps, a pair of writers or producers spoil up factors for every song equally (and the dividing of issues will lead to occasional ties on rankings).

The beefy Scorching 100 Songwriters and Scorching 100 Producers charts, moreover to the beefy genre rankings, would be chanced on on Billboard.com/biz.

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