Ron Johnson Supports Audit of 2020 Election in Wisconsin, Says He is Talked to Sidney Powell

Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has acknowledged that he helps an audit of his dwelling say’s 2020 election outcomes.

He also talked about that he has spoken with Sidney Powell, a dilapidated attorney with the re-election marketing campaign of dilapidated President Donald Trump. She has pushed baseless conspiracy theories about fraud within the 2020 election.

Johnson made his feedback whereas speaking with political reporter Lauren Windsor.

“I if truth be told atomize mediate there may perhaps be too grand specialise within the [voting] machines,” he instantaneous Windsor. “Now we hold paper ballots. Now we hold the machine logs. We have got the machine totals. We ought to be specializing in that.”

“And then we ought to be specializing within the Wisconsin Election Charge, the balloting within the park, the curing of the ballots, what Zuckerberg did, central counting in Milwaukee,” he persevered.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The day earlier to this, Ron Johnson instantaneous me that he helps an audit of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin…

And protect tuned for portion 2 tomorrow, where I quiz him if the election modified into stolen…

— Lauren Windsor (@lawindsor) August 30, 2021

“I’ve also talked to the Sidney Powells and the Russ Ramslands,” he added. “I’ve met with these guys.” Ramsland is a failed congressional candidate who has also pushed voter fraud conspiracy theories.

Johnson’s feedback referenced a number of assorted concerns that say Republicans had with the splendid election. He and diverse say Republicans hold puzzled whether Wisconsin Election Charge officers mishandled mail-in ballots to encourage now-Democratic President Joe Biden.

He has also claimed that two “Democracy within the Park” occasions held in September and October 2020 constituted illegal pollharvesting. Verbalize legislation does now not particularly outlaw such occasions, in line with PolitiFact.

Johnson also puzzled pollcuring, the system in which election clerks fix or comprise in missing voter info on ballots. A February 2021 see chanced on that on the discipline of 75 percent of both Democratic and Republican Wisconsin voters wanted the say legislature to model clearer standards of what errors election clerks are allowed to fix, WTMJ-TV reported.

Johnson’s reference to Fb founder Designate Zuckerberg refers to a $6.3 million grant that Zuckerberg’s organization Heart for Tech and Civic Lifestyles (CTCL) gave to Wisconsin’s five largest cities to aid speed their elections all the way via the pandemic.

Verbalize Republicans hold implied that the grant allowed a deepest corporation to persuade the election, but court docket decisions forward of the election allowed CTCL’s grants to proceed.

Milwaukee’s Central Depend facility has been the topic of many conspiracy theories. A claim about facility officers tampering with a flash pressure to aid give the say’s election to Biden modified into deemed “unsuitable” by USA This day.

As for Powell and Ramsland, both hold peddled baseless conspiracy theories that voting machines contained a capability for officers to rig votes in a candidates’ choose.

After the 2020 election, Powell claimed that diverse Democratic and Republican candidates paid international governments to change voting machines to swap Trump votes into Biden votes. She also acknowledged the machines allowed officers to swap sufficient votes to aid assorted particular particular person candidates to protect cease their election races.

“We set apart now not hold any opinion what number of Republican or Democratic candidates in any say across the country paid to hold the design rigged to work for them,” Powell acknowledged, without presenting any evidence to relief up her claims.

On November 21, Powell regarded on the conservative community Newsmax, where she claimed that she had evidence to illustrate that 7 million votes were fraudulently cast for Biden’s encourage. By November 22, Trump’s re-election marketing campaign acknowledged that Powell no longer had a proper role as a marketing campaign attorney.

Powell can also be being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for her “defamatory” feedback.

Newsweek contacted Johnson’s place of job for statement.

Ron Johnson Wisconsin 2020 election audit Powell
Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has acknowledged that he helps efforts to audit the 2020 election outcomes of his dwelling say. He also talked about that he spoke with Sidney Powell, a dilapidated attorney with the re-election marketing campaign of dilapidated President Donald Trump who has pushed baseless conspiracy theories about election fraud. On this photo, Johnson speaks all the way via a Senate Native land Security and Governmental Affairs Committee listening to to focus on election security and the 2020 election course of on December 16, 2020 in Washington, DC.
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