RPG Solid – Episode 532: “Meowls”

QOTW: As someone who made a Top 10 Favorite Games of the Decade video nowadays and placed depart Mass Enact games somewhere shapely excessive on talked about video, I judge I really get some perception right here 😁

ME1: The finest one that adds something is Bring Down the Sky, nonetheless it for depart’s one very quick scene and (doubtlessly) further Galactic Readiness in ME3 (if the lawful picks in ME1 are made) that one can also engage it or skedaddle away it.

ME2: Zaeed and Kasumi are obvious gets, because who doesn’t desire a plump roster? ‘Lair of the Shadow Broker’ and ‘Arrival’ are furthermore must gets. ‘Overlord’ became plentiful, nonetheless much less impactful to the story and, yet again, adds easiest a little bit to ME3 later in the event you attain things lawful. And ‘Firewalker’ will most definitely be skipped, imo.

ME3: CITADEL! Fetch Castle without hesitation! Finest DLC of the trilogy! ‘From Ashes’ for plump roster, and to opinion Liara’s reactions to talked about persona in the event you attach them collectively in the event you skedaddle to the Asari homeworld (extra or much less price it to be true). ‘Leviathan’ truthfully shouldn’t be DLC, nonetheless can also silent’ve correct been in the game; shapely heavy and most fundamental lore stuff there. The ‘Omega’ DLC became really enjoyable, nonetheless, yet again, no longer as distinguished (even when it does temporarily come up with the game’s first female Turian occasion member).

I am hoping my opinions helped expose your decision, Kelley.

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