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S. Africa to ban breeding lions in captivity for hunting

The practice of hunting lions raised in captivity has long been controversial in South Africa
The enlighten of hunting lions raised in captivity has prolonged been controversial in South Africa

South Africa on Sunday printed plans to ban the breeding of lions in captivity for trophy hunting or for vacationers to pet, advocating a extra “official” journey for traffic.

The decision turned into once in accordance to ideas contained in a authorities look into the controversial enlighten.

The panel studied the principles governing the hunting, commerce and conserving in captivity of lions, elephants, rhino and leopards.

Ambiance Minister Barbara Creecy told a news convention that the look commended a discontinue to the “domestication of lions thru captive breeding and conserving.”

“We develop no longer desire captive breeding, captive hunting, captive (cubs) petting, captive exhaust of lions,” the minister said.

The decision, which is yet to be formulated into policy, is liable to location the authorities on a collision route with the highly effective multi-million-greenback commerce of captive lion breeding.

The minister said the ideas weren’t aimed at stifling the hunting commerce.

“Dazzling regulated hunting of the iconic species below the regulatory atmosphere will continue to be accredited,” she said.

Nonetheless the relate urged a conclude to “vacationers’ interaction with captive lions, at the side of cub petting”, Creecy renowned.

The enlighten of hunting lions raised in captivity has prolonged been controversial in South Africa, the put assorted animals are confined to pens ringed with electrical fences.

Campaigns to ban the importation of captive-bred lion trophies procure in present years gathered steam in the US, Australia and numerous European countries.

The minister said the tourism commerce turned into once inclined to detrimental perceptions.

‘Professional’ hunting

“The plot right here is to originate decided these which would be infected about… official wildlife hunting” will procure such an journey and “are seemingly to be no longer hunting animals which procure been taken out of the cage,” she said.

South Africa counts between 8,000 and 12,000 lions at some 350 farms, the put they are raised for hunting, tourism and tutorial be taught, in accordance to estimates by wildlife groups.

They are also raised for their bones, outdated in remedy and jewellery in Southeast Asia, in accordance to wildlife charities.

Against this round 3,500 lions dwell in the wild in the country, in accordance to the South African-primarily based Endangered Flora and fauna Have confidence.

The global animal charity World Animal Security hailed the authorities’s decision as “intrepid”.

“Hundreds of farmed lions are born loyal into a lifestyles of misery in South Africa every year in merciless commercial breeding facilities,” said Edith Kabesiime, World Animal Security’s campaign manager for Africa.

“Here’s a take care of for wildlife” and can originate decided “lions remain the put they belong—in the wild,” she said.

Louise de Waal, director of the award-worthwhile documentary feature film “Blood Lions” exposing the commerce, said she turned into once “extremely gay” on the authorities’s decision.

The panel also commended the phasing out of captive rhino breeding and an examination of the long term exhaust of rhino horn stockpiles.

Dwelling to about 80 percent of the sphere’s rhino inhabitants, South Africa has prolonged attracted poachers, nonetheless it also counts greater than 300 inside of most rhino breeders.

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