Sainz: Recordsdata reveals I will be as lickety-split as Leclerc in qualifying

Like assorted drivers who bear switched groups in 2021, Sainz has struggled to study his teammate as he adapts to a brand recent ambiance, with development no longer helped by the scarcity of pre-season attempting out.

At Imola Sainz turn into once handiest 11th in Q2, whereas Leclerc started fourth. However the Spaniard says that his handiest individual sectors had been as steady as Leclerc’s and it turn into once a matter of perfecting the whole lap.

“I know he is a qualifying educated,” acknowledged Sainz. “And particularly in the Ferrari he looks to be in actuality at home and sparkling precisely what to hunt files from from the automobile in relation to Q2 and Q3 excessive grip stipulations, and he is an educated, he might possibly be very, very steady driver.

“However on the identical time if there’s one thing that I’ve seen at some level of these first two races or no longer it is that I am no longer slower than him in any of the corners, in actuality. So I know that if I put the laps collectively, I will be up there.

“Or no longer it is now a matter of focusing on easy how to put those laps collectively, what does he attain, and what can I attain to get better at inserting those laps collectively.

“Or even I appropriate desire a tiny overtime and extra abilities. So let’s deem, but I am encouraged about what I deem on the files, and or no longer it is for me extra a matter of time.”

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Sainz acknowledged that sparkling the put aside to put aside the automobile on the kerbs offered a selected discipline at Imola.

“Seemingly it turn into once the kerb riding, how the automobile will react to the kerb, reckoning on the angle that I attack the kerb,” he acknowledged. “And I turn into once caught out about a cases in all these chicanes by possibly catching the kerb in a assorted angle, and getting out of station.

“There might possibly be very long straights after those kerbs and I turn into once lacking one or two tenths in the straight after due to the that. 

“On the whole that’s what I am talking about, appropriate sparkling how the automobile is going to react to which angle, and being mountainous steady on the angle of attack to know that in the next straight I am no longer going to lose that tenth and a half of that I appropriate made up.

“I am slightly definite the put aside that the put aside that lap time is, and the procedure it ought to be extracted.”

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