Samsung QN90A 55-trip 4K UHD TV review: Mini-LED meets quantum dots

Samsung’s QN90A Neo QLED TV marries mini-LED backlighting and quantum dots to fetch the firm’s most radiant 4K UHD image but.

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  • Samsung QN90A-sequence quantum dot 4K UHD TV (55-trip class)

Samsung’s Neo QLED QN90A takes the firm’s already principal QLED coloration and brightness and, attributable to far extra granular mini-LED backlighting, enhances it with significantly better blacks. The overall result’s genuinely spectacular, even supposing Samsung silent has some work to develop on its zone dimming tactics. 

Invent and functions

The 54.6-trip (55-trip class) version of the QN90A I tested in the interim retails for around $1,700 and functions a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), 120Hz, 10-bit cloak. Mentioned cloak implements quantum dots for correct, saturated coloration, and mini-LEDs for sophisticated backlighting. 

Mini-LEDs, as you may maybe wager, are far smaller than damaged-down backlight LEDs. They’re placed closer to the filter/LCD layers to develop brightness and in the reduction of bleed. And since they’re employed in far elevated numbers, they additionally allow extra accurate zone dimming. How accurate is reckoning on the desire of zones the provider decides to divvy them into. In the case of the 55-trip QN90A, that seems to be to be around 600. QN90A objects with elevated cloak sizes doubtless spend extra.

This review is piece of TechHive’s protection of the most appealing tidy TVs, the assign you’ll accumulate opinions of the competition’s choices, plus a buyer’s handbook to the functions it’s essential silent keep in mind when browsing for this model of product.

The QN90A comes with the same iMac-adore pedestal that we first noticed from Samsung a twelve months or so in the past. It provides rather reasonably of weight (9.3 pounds), but that’s needed for for balance. The classy appearance and skill to sit down on smaller surfaces are effectively worth it.

Together with stand, the unit weighs 48.3 pounds; with out it, 39 pounds. The QN90A is additionally remarkably skinny at factual one trip, which makes it look good on the wall. To that stop, a 200mm VESA mount point is built-in. You may also behold factual how skinny the TV is in the image beneath. The piece jutting out from the aid is piece of the stand, not the TV itself.

qn90a side Samsung

Samsung’s QN90A is handiest 1-trip thick, no topic not the utilization of the One Join breakout field that the firm became once so challenging a few twelve months or two in the past. 

The port desire on the QN90A is new, although extraordinarily terrified on legacy reinforce. There’s no composite, no component, no analog audio in or out—not even a headphone jack. While the latter may appear quaint in the age of Bluetooth, it would be very helpful when your headphone batteries die in the heart of a movie. If you happen to’d adore analog connections, you’ll favor to steal an HDMI converter.

The novel stuff contains four HDMI ports on the TV itself. Three are essentially HDMI 2.0, with one being 2.1 to bolster 120Hz sources. Yet every other helps eARC. In case you weren’t conscious, distributors can enforce individual functions of the 2.1 spec as they desire.

There are additionally two USB 2.0 ports (for mass storage, a keyboard, or diverse devices), coax for cable/satellite TV connections or an over-the-air antenna, ethernet, digital optical (Toslink) out, and an RS-232C (EX-Hyperlink, in Samsung terminology) port for customized far-off control). Wireless connectivity is is by device of 802.1ac (Wi-Fi 5) and Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth audio devices are supported.

Samsung helps Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, apart from to it’s beget Bixby shriek assistant. A mode of technologies onboard comprise Apple AirPlay 2; HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG (no Dolby Imaginative and prescient); plus Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

There’s additionally a channel handbook, a universal handbook for all vow (tidy TV streaming), apart from to unfamiliar Samsung functions such as Wisely being and free, curated vow in TV Plus. If over-the-air—aka broadcast—vow isn’t slicing it that day, TV Plus may tide you over.

Variable refresh fee, auto low latency, and Freesync Top fee Legit are on board for gaming. Consoles join to HDMI input number four. The QN90A additionally sports actions each and every Filmmaker and IMAX Enhanced video modes.

qn90a jacks Samsung

Samsung offers the entire new ports; but other than RS-232c, there are no legacy connections—not even analog audio.


With all that, you wouldn’t ask the QN90A to be low-fee, and being Samsung’s most new high-of-the-line 4K UHD TV, it isn’t. Other than the $1,700, 55-trip I reviewed, there are 50-, 65-, 75-, and 85-trip flavors promoting for $1,500, $2,600, $3,500, and $5,000 respectively. 

Faraway and interface

The QN90A uses the newly revamped TM2180E universal far-off control, which functions a inform voltaic panel on the aid for charging. There’s additionally a USB-C charging port must silent there be insufficient light on hand. It functions the same minimalist layout as Samsung’s diverse remotes and has the same sensible, dual-whisk (press forward, aid, or down) channel-exchange and quantity-control buttons. 

solar remote qn90a Samsung

Samsung’s novel inform voltaic-powered One Faraway. There’s a inform voltaic panel on the aid, but you may fee it by device of USB-C whereas you’re residing in a bunker.

Samsung’s Orderly Hub interface, with its dwelling row of icons that department into connected functions, is additionally ravishing. As good because it’s to beget a examine, and as seamless because it marries with the far-off, the final result is completely not very efficient.

It in general takes diverse button clicks to develop what most far-off/interface programs will develop in one or two; largely since you’re repeatedly drilling down by device of dialogs to reach diversified settings.

Additionally, pressing Home takes you aid to the same inform on the icon checklist at any time when. A extra efficient apporach would purchase you to your final-feeble space. And whereas I love affords to reconnect to the final-feeble Bluetooth tool, it would be good if it handiest did so when it senses the tool is on hand. Better but, factual reconnect.

samsung smart hub Samsung

Samsung’s Orderly Hub and minimalist far-off (a non-inform voltaic version is confirmed) look enormous, but they’re synergy is weirdly inefficient. A couple extra buttons on the far-off, and no more tunneling in the interface would work wonders.

I gaze movies streamed from a NAS field, and Orderly Hub would purchase away the icon for that field from the dwelling row every time it couldn’t detect it (this occurs to any supply connected to the TV). The DLNA app mechanically performs any subtitles it finds, even after they’re the same language, and there’s no device that I’ll accumulate to flip this off; instead, I had to hit the TV’s settings menu and manually flip them off.

Additionally, unlike Roku’s media participant, which remembers the final space for every and every fair not too long in the past viewed movie, Samsung’s participant handiest infrequently picks up the assign I left off viewing. And everything is misplaced when it loses tune of the DLNA server on the NAS field.

I’m in spite of everything being picky, and never a mode of customers movement from sources on their dwelling network, but these nits are symptomatic of the interface in new. Samsung must silent in actuality backseat model and compartmentalization in favor of effectivity and comfort. In diverse phrases, fewer clicks, please. 

Image and sound

The QN90A affords up arguably basically the most radiant image I’ve seen on an LED-backlit LCD TV. Intellectual, as in luminous with highly saturated and correct coloration and most appealing distinction. It’s equal to OLED, with not rather the same inky blacks, but so a lot extra brightness to counterbalance: practically 2,000 nits peak in Dynamic mode. Yowser.

There are the facets I’ve already praised, however the QN90A additionally delivers very at ease whisk, an insane quantity of configurability (alongside with coloration tweaking and whisk-connected functions), most appealing cloak uniformity (no cloudy areas), and minimal moiré and processing artifacts. Viewing angles are additionally principal. 

But given that the QN90A is a excessive-stop, expensive TV, the backlight performance became once disappointing. There’s trot that’s rather noticeable when changing scenes spirited a mode of dark or dim areas and luminous objects. Additionally, in some instances, existing enormous luminous objects dark noticeably when others seem. In diverse instances, the brightness of luminous objects would vacillate; i.e., pulse slowly as if the TV had been at a loss for phrases as to what level they must silent be space.

qn65qn90a dead on Samsung

Samsung’s Neo QLED excels at the entire basics. however the trot in the backlighting may be an occasional distraction. 

These points didn’t manifest themselves distinctly with the overwhelming majority of true-world topic topic. In point of fact, it took some pretty strenuous trying out to inform them. When I became once buying for them, on the opposite hand, I started noticing minor oddities in just among the extra strenuous mainstream topic topic. I didn’t bump into the rest that ruined the viewing skills, however the backlighting points had been discernible beneath scrutiny. 

Samsung must silent for trip invest additional time or even processing energy in their dimming algorithms and tactics. Confidently, a future firmware change will cure the project. If the trot is in the panel circuitry, that may be more challenging to repair.

No topic the zone dimming, I became once impressed by the QN90A’s overall image. Lush isn’t a note I’ve feeble with LED-backlit LCD TVs, but this one comes shut to incomes the adjective.

Sound became once respectable. It’s fair for informal viewing, but I’d make spend of outboard instruments for basically the most easy skills. Or spend headphones—my most smartly-most new resolution. 

A in point of fact factual TV, but additionally a expensive one

Over my most smartly-most new beer on the porch taking a look out over the prairie, I’d call the QN90A a darn fair TV and fetch nods. Here in San Francisco, watching my neighbors sip $7 lattes, I’d call it the same thing and fetch a fairly diverse reaction. I’d call it awfully darn fair if the zone dimming had been better and there became once a headphone jack.

The backlighting points had been genuinely exceedingly uncommon, and never so many customers make spend of headphones, so my handiest true caveat is that there are darn fair TVs on hand for considerably lower than what Samsung and the so a lot of enormous two distributors (LG and Sony, that is) fee. Yup, that final five p.c of performance in actuality costs you.

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  • Samsung QN90A-sequence quantum dot 4K UHD TV (55-trip class)

    Samsung delivers the lushest LED-backlit LCD image money can take. While we beget got some nits to deem connected to an infrequently backlight and the absence of analog connections, but here’s a massive TV.


    • Quantum dot coloration and mini-LED backlighting
    • Samsung’s most radiant 4K UHD image but
    • Faraway control with rechargeable batteries and inform voltaic panel


    • No analog connectivity, together without a headphone jack
    • No Dolby Imaginative and prescient reinforce
    • No longer basically the most easy tidy TV user interface

Jon is a Juilliard-expert musician, dilapidated x86/6800 programmer, and long-time (leisurely 70s) pc fanatic residing in the San Francisco bay space. [email protected]

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