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Scientists Synthesize Recent Two-Dimensional Discipline topic

Named beryllonitrene, the original two-dimensional (2D) topic fabric contains usually organized nitrogen (N) and beryllium (Be) atoms and has an weird digital lattice construction, fixed with a look led by the College of Bayreuth.

The hexagonal electronic lattice (green) of beryllonitrene conforms to its crystal structure, and looks like a slightly distorted honeycomb; the beryllium atoms are shown as gray balls, nitrogen atoms as blue balls. Image credit: M. Bykov.

The hexagonal digital lattice (green) of beryllonitrene conforms to its crystal construction, and looks to be relish a a runt distorted honeycomb; the beryllium atoms are shown as gray balls, nitrogen atoms as blue balls. Image credit ranking: M. Bykov.

“For the first time, shut worldwide cooperation in high-tension overview has now succeeded in producing a chemical compound in that used to be previously entirely unknown,” acknowledged Professor Natalia Dubrovinskaia, a researcher within the Laboratory for Crystallography at the College of Bayreuth.

“This compound could well also again as a precursor for a 2D topic fabric with weird digital properties.”

The spend of laser-heated diamond anvil cells, Professor Dubrovinskaia and colleagues studied high-tension high-temperature chemical reactions within the nitrogen-beryllium intention.

Their experiments resulted in a synthesis of several layered beryllium polynitrides.

In explicit, at 84 GPa and 2,000 Ok, laser-heating of beryllium and nitrogen resulted within the synthesis of a compound with the chemical composition BeN4 and a triclinic construction.

Upon decompression to ambient stipulations, it transforms into a compound with atomic-thick BeN4 layers interconnected through obsolete van der Waals bonds and consisting of polyacetylene-relish nitrogen chains.

“Van der Waals bonds between its layers and presence of anisotropic Dirac cones in its digital construction display cloak that 2D BeN4, beryllonitrene, has weird properties,” they acknowledged.

“Certainly, the high level of electron-gap symmetry makes the 2D BeN4 intention same, in some admire, to the world of high-vitality particles with its symmetry between particles and antiparticles.”

In accordance with the team, beryllonitrene represents a qualitatively original class of 2D offers that can even merely even be constructed of a metal atom and polymeric nitrogen chains.

“There could be now now not a possibility of devising a process for the manufacturing of beryllonitrene on an industrial scale so long as extremely high pressures, corresponding to can only be generated within the overview laboratory, are required for this,” acknowledged Professor Leonid Dubrovinsky, a researcher within the Bavarian Be taught Institute of Experimental Geochemistry & Geophysics at the College of Bayreuth.

“Nonetheless, it is very vital that the original compound used to be created sooner or later of decompression and that it will exist below ambient stipulations.”

“In theory, we will now not rule out that sooner or later this is also seemingly to breed beryllonitrene or a same 2D topic fabric with technically much less complex processes and spend it industrially.”

“With our look, now we uncover opened up original potentialities for high-tension overview within the come of technologically promising 2D offers which will surpass graphene.”

The findings were printed within the journal Physical Evaluation Letters.


Maxim Bykov et al. 2021. High-Stress Synthesis of Dirac Materials: Layered van der Waals Bonded BeN4 Polymorph. Phys. Rev. Lett 126 (17): 175501; doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.175501

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