Scientology Volunteers Direct Haiti Nonprofits on Pointers on how to Aid Traumatized Victims

With thousands injured and a full bunch of thousands homeless after the 7.2 magnitude Haiti earthquake, first responders gape Scientology assists because the key to providing wanted lend a hand.

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At 7.2 magnitude, the earthquake that struck Haiti on August 14 changed into twice as a lot because the one which hit the country in 2010. And the destruction is big. 

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Carrefour and Les Cayes are working with nonprofits and first responders to put together them on be taught how to address the emotional and spiritual components within the stress and trauma of these they’re making an are attempting to lend a hand. They enact this with seminars on Scientology assists—tactics developed that’s the reason by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

In Les Cayes, shut to the epicenter of the earthquake, Scientology Volunteer Ministers supplied a seminar this week to a crew of first responders who knew they wanted a technique to address more than the bodily desires of the victims they lend a hand. “The session on diseases and accidents lend a hand procedures could lend a hand us establish more lives,” acknowledged one among the rescue community participants. And the chief of the community wants to proceed practising his crew on all 19 chapters of the Scientology Handbook, the textbook for practising a Volunteer Minister.   

Stevenson, who leads the crew of Volunteer Ministers serving in Les Cayes, changed into devastated by the January 2010 earthquake. Some 300,000 had been unnecessary. “I concept my existence changed into over,” he says. But he came about to fulfill two Volunteer Ministers and moreover they invited him to a seminar, which restored his hope and revived his will to dwell. Energetic as a Scientology Volunteer Minister ever since, he shares this technology with others, confident that by getting it into immense utilize, “it could perhaps perhaps lend a hand establish my country.”

On August 26, while visiting communities heavily struggling from the 14 August quake, U.S. Agency for World Style Administrator Samantha Vitality, while pledging funding, also acknowledged, “In all likelihood the biggest lesson (from 2010) is that no constructing agency and no navy or diplomatic corps can upright import a excellent humanitarian response from afar. You must perhaps perhaps presumably like native expertise and native leadership to attain communities in need.”

It’s upright this roughly grassroots catastrophe response that Haitian Scientology Volunteer Ministers possess supplied for more than a decade. And it is seeing the distinction the technology makes in others’ lives that inspires them to space aside their possess concerns and lend a hand within the aftermath of this catastrophe.

In constructing the program within the mid-1970s, Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote that a Volunteer Minister “helps his fellow man on a volunteer foundation by restoring truth and spiritual values to the lives of others. …A Volunteer Minister doesn’t shut his eyes to the trouble, depraved and injustice of existence. Pretty, he is trained to contend with these objects and lend a hand others attain reduction from them and new private energy as smartly.”

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