Sea Of Thieves season 2 starts next week and adds one other sneaky emote

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Every barrel is suspicious now

After switching to the seasons and Plunder Slip model earlier this one year, pirate playground Sea Of Thieves has teased the initiate up of season two coming next week. They’ve released a short teaser trailer that these of you with an even spyglass would possibly maybe perchance maybe also very well be in a predicament to remark. I am very disturbed that stealth strats would possibly maybe perchance maybe be about to score out of hand. Carry out where every barrel for your ship is? I’d initiate up memorizing appropriate now if I were you.

Upright down here is Rare’s teaser video for the season which likely lets on one of the unique cosmetics and diverse bits it is doubtless you’ll perchance maybe perchance also assemble. There’s additionally a massive crimson-eyed cloud skeleton within the sky there which would possibly maybe perchance maybe be a unique diversity of Skeleton Castle to address out on the seas.

The one apparently unmistakable bit is appropriate at the live where it is doubtless you’ll perchance maybe perchance also search for a sneaky pirate tucking correct into a barrel that looks out of nowhere. I know that the stowaway meta has appealing plenty of emotes within the past, from drowsing to squatting at the serve of barrels. It looks to be like adore you’ll likely be able to now be in a predicament to correct change into the barrel itself, which looks adore a recipe for excessive seas disasters. Apologies upfront to my crewmates for being down within the bottom of the ship compulsively stabbing barrels rather then getting a hand on the sails.

Rare have but to unlock the precious aspects on season two, but we can likely question this would possibly maybe occasionally perchance maybe also merely consist of extra phases of Renown journey to assemble for unlocking in sport objects. There’ll practically absolutely be one other paid tier Plunder Slip. As with the first season, which added unique Merchant Alliance voyages for Lost Shipments, it looks likely season two will add some diverse unique process. My cash’s on that cranium within the sky.

Rare enlighten that Sea of Thieves season two will commence next Thursday, April 15th. It is doubtless you’ll perchance maybe perchance also merely have purchased unless that date to wrap up any remaining Renown you wish to hope to assemble in season one earlier than the unique one begins.

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