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See This Guy Strive to Wear a 150-Pound Weighted Vest for an Entire Day

YouTuber Brandon William has long passed thru some truthful grueling bodily challenges in the name of video vow, from a month of punishing gymnastics practicing to attempting to master the one-armed pullup, to an array of crushing defense pressure health tests. In his most stylish video, William takes on presumably his ideal put yet: attempting to final 24 hours carrying the “world’s heaviest weighted vest,” which clocks in at 150 pounds, bringing his entire bodyweight up to around 300 pounds.

After putting the vest on with the attend of a chum, William takes it to the ocean fling the put he attempts to play a pleasing easy game of volleyball—and rapidly begins to lose his breath. “Feeling gassed already,” he says. “My entire upper encourage used to be killing me, and I knew if I took one depraved step, my ankle would discontinuance to exist.”

He additionally finds that even merely standing in line able to assert lunch is unbearable with this extra weight hooked up to his torso. “I felt esteem I used to be moments away from passing out if I used to be going to stand there for to any extent extra,” he says.

William then heads over to a boxing gymnasium to acknowledge if or no longer it is that you just must presumably relate of to spar whereas carrying the cumbersome vest. “Throwing any roughly punch with decent gain used to be extremely advanced,” he says, “nonetheless the burden of the vest additionally made it very laborious to trail in the ring and steer positive of punches, and by the final minute of the [first] spherical, I used to be completely gassed out.”

No longer pleased in conjunction with his experiment yet, William additionally wears the vest staunch into a pool to acknowledge if being in water makes it feel any lighter, nonetheless he struggles to swim as the vest causes him to sink the moment he makes his physique flat.

Sooner or later, he attempts to create a pullup, a dip, and a pushup whereas carrying the vest before taking it off, bringing the put to a untimely discontinuance. “I will no longer put on this weight vest any more,” he says. “My physique is completely useless, my decrease encourage is killing me, identical with my knees and ankles.”

Philip Ellis is a freelance author and journalist from the UK covering pop culture, relationships and LGBTQ+ factors.

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