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Shenzhen, China, 28th August 2021, ZEXPRWIREIn latest years, the improvement of the parking equipment alternate has made the parking equipment private the characteristics of mountainous volume, easy to make spend of, excessive-gallop security, colorful and completely computerized, and so forth., occupying an rising proportion in the parking equipment alternate. Then any other time, there are many types of colorful parking management programs, and every style has its be pleased characteristics. This text analyzes the characteristics of a couple of mainstream colorful parking equipments and proposes their appropriate times.

The replacement precept of apparatus.

1. The precept of most capacity: cheap intention replacement, convenient entry to the vehicle, ensure aloof operation of the garage, prefer the form of parking equipment, and maximize the volume of the garage.

2. The precept of environmental coordination. On the premise of completely inviting in the safety and convenience of the garage, the coordination between the garage and the encompassing atmosphere and the coordination with traffic ought to moreover be completely reasonable.

3. In accordance with the functional necessities, the precept of reliability is adopted to keep particular the valid and loyal operation of the garage.

Similar old equipment technical necessities

1. The dimensions of entrances and exits, berth size, personnel, and equipment security of parking equipment ought to meet the “common security necessities” of nationwide requirements.

2. If prerequisites permit, fleshy consideration ought to be given to the charging necessities of unique vitality autos. Prepare the blueprint idea (in conjunction with airplane parking spaces) at a ratio of no longer no longer up to 10%, and rob into consideration the mix of at this time and boring charging.

3. The operation of the parking equipment desires to be blended with the colorful machine, and the operation of selecting up the vehicle is intuitive and convenient. With fleshy consideration of unattended prerequisites, vehicle owners are allowed to feature by themselves.

4. For all underground parking equipment, consideration ought to be given to the moisture-proof and rust-proof therapy of steel construction, entry mechanism and other equipment, and the electrical share ought to be assured to feature in the atmosphere with a humidity of larger than 95%.

The sorts of automated parking management programs are essentially dilapidated in the colorful parking equipment of airplane transferring style, vertical lifting style, and roadway stacking style.

Vertical voice equipment is mostly referred to as tower library, which is roughly divided into traditional square tower library, vehicle tower library, and round tower library essentially essentially based completely on its look.

Transliteration style is the most technically sophisticated, most colorful, and most on the total dilapidated form of parking equipment. In the beginning originated in Japan and Europe, after bigger than ten years of vogue, many diversified kinds private been derived, and the core skills is the planar mobile tool. Due to this fact, the airplane mobile category garage will also be classified essentially essentially based completely on the bear of the processing program. In accordance with the time sequence of its look, it’ll also be roughly divided into vehicle plate style, comb style, telescopic style, manipulator holding style, extremely-thin manipulator holding style. Reckoning on the riding mode, operation mode, and so forth., the above five modes can moreover catch other diversified subdivision kinds.

The avenue sacker is an linked to the airplane transferring machine, and in total works in the bear of a transporter.

Substances of assorted sorts of colorful parking equipment

1. Vertical eradicate parking equipment.

Vertical lifting equipment has a excessive utilization price of land build and is commonly organized on the bottom. In accordance with diversified parking necessities, diversified layers are configured. At the second, the ideal vertical lifting equipment in China has 50 floor and a height of up to 100m. It is miles found in Xi’an,China. Neighborhood. It could moreover be developed underground. The aid of the all-underground vertical lifting equipment is that it has shrimp impact on the encompassing lighting fixtures and landscape, however the civil construction charges are rather mountainous, so the applying is no longer widely dilapidated. At the second, the deepest underground equipment in China is in the Hangzhou Density Bridge automotive car parking zone. Internal, the total depth is about 33m.

Due to this fact, in some times the build the land build is mountainous, the look necessities are excessive, and the amount of entry to autos is mountainous, the round tower library is an ideally suited equipment.

2. Panning category parking equipment.

Translation equipment is commonly place apart in on the bottom, and the bottom can moreover be place apart in. The airplane format is an atmosphere friendly and widely dilapidated format formulation. In accordance with the series of parking spaces, there are on the total 210 floor, and the series of elevators on the entrance and exit can moreover be increased or diminished essentially essentially based completely on the series of parking spaces. On the total, each and every floor of elevators corresponds to 5,080 parking spaces, and every floor is geared up with elevators. The parking intention is moreover organized longitudinally, and the elevator is moreover organized in the middle lane. These layouts are ideally suited for smaller areas and ideal ideally suited for explicit terrain.

The translation classification is essentially classified essentially essentially based completely on the form of the interpretation tool, and the size or series of the interpretation tool is essentially reasonable from the following aspects:

  1. The deactivation fluctuate no longer ideal refers again to the size and width but moreover refers again to the vehicle’s quality, wheelbase, and other indicators.
  2. Transferring gallop/vehicle entry effectivity, essentially assesses the size of time dilapidated in the job of vehicle entry.
  3. The dwelling utilization price is excessive, and the lifting height is simply too excessive, resulting in a raze of dwelling.
  4. Failure price and restore-capacity.
  5. Security formulation whether or no longer it is which you will be in a position to judge of to end safely and whether or no longer it causes smash to the tires or other parts of the vehicle.

3. Carrier-style tablet-style mobile tool.

Because the earliest bear of airplane movement, since the vehicle is parked on the pallet, the service will elevate the pallet. Due to this fact, its ideal aid is balance and reliability, and ought to no longer trigger smash to the vehicle. As well to, there are no restrictions on parking autos. , It could moreover take care of obese autos.

But the shortcomings of the same length are moreover extra glaring, because of the each time a vehicle is picked up, there is an empty vehicle operation, and the effectivity of selecting up the vehicle is rather low. Pondering the time for clearing the warehouse, therefore, the series of autos in a single warehouse does now not exceed 50. Below, the vehicle ideally suited for parking has higher necessities, and it is extra ideally suited to movement the slab airplane when deciding on up the vehicle.

Planar transferring tool with comb teeth.

In notify to retain far off from the noise generated by the cargo slab conveyor belt when it is empty, a loop-free empty slab conveyor belt has been developed. The actual height is commonly 1950mm. Due to this fact, its single garage can accommodate 80 to 100 parking spaces.

And the telescopic comb is an upgraded product developed from the comb. Its ideal feature is that the get height of each and every layer will also be diminished to about 1780mm, but its internal construction is extra complex and requires higher assembly necessities. At the second, this contrivance of domestic product The equipment essentially depends on imports.

The downside of the comb teeth tool is that because of the it has a teeth shape, every parking dwelling has a teeth shape. For autos parked for a certainly long time, tire smash is inevitable.

4. Manipulator entertaining airplane movement.

5. This is a unique form of apparatus developed per solving the shortcomings of comb teeth. By formulation of effectivity, it is in total linked to a comb, but its parking dwelling is flat, so it’ll provide better protection for the vehicle. But its drawback is that it has higher necessities for the height of the floor. On the total, the get height of each and every floor of this equipment is about 1800mm. Due to this fact, for multi-layer underground translation equipment, the fee of soil construction will be higher.

6. The claws of the extremely-thin manipulator are designed on the premise of the outdated, making the claws thinner and in total controlled internal 100mm. Due to this fact, the height of each and every layer will also be controlled below 1700mm. Technically, it is one of many most developed flat-panel mobile gadgets. Its parameters can meet the necessities of most autos on the market, with valid operation and excessive effectivity. Moral for mountainous-scale colorful parking equipment.

5. Side twin carriageway stacking parking equipment.

For transitional equipment with one going via tool on each and every floor, the fee will be rather excessive. In this case, the spend of stacking instruments can successfully minimize the fee. But on the same time inefficient

6. deal of. In latest years, to boot to to the above-mentioned sorts of apparatus, AGV parking robots private continuously been applied to the parking alternate. The vehicle is pushed on the guided route, parked on stage ground, and ought to also be despatched to the bottom via an auxiliary hoist. This series of products is ideally suited for medium or mountainous areas, the build export is particular on the bottom. Every group of machine parking garages will also be verbalize up essentially essentially based completely on desires. The AGV parking garage robotic is no longer restricted by the note. It could moreover maximize the spend of dwelling for irregular underground spaces. A couple of AGV parking garages will also be configured in any designated build to pink meat up entry to autos effectivity.

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