Sever Sirianni no longer serious about Jalen Reagor failing conditioning test, wants Eagles WR to be mentally willing

Jalen Reagor has high expectations heading into his 2d NFL season. The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver is already at the relief of the eight ball within the initiating of camp, failing his conditioning test performed sooner than the delivery of the first observe. 

There changed into a reason the 22-year-passe Reagor failed the test. Reagor has been dealing with a up to date execute of a chum (as beat author Jeff McLane reported), which the Eagles judge affected his readiness for the delivery of camp. 

“We obviously favor all our guys obtainable each day. Jalen needed to struggle thru some things that I will’t even imagine going thru that he needed to take care of, so I know that mentally, he has to bag himself in a direct,” Eagles coach Sever Sirianni informed reporters sooner than the delivery of Saturday’s practising camp observe. “So, I’m no longer concerned.”

Reagor changed into a surprise listing on the damage file the first day of observe. The Eagles labeled it as “lower body tightness,” which they’ve been easing him relief into the observe routine. 

“He’s been getting himself relief willing to head these final couple days,” Sirianni stated. “He’s bought some tightness in his body, that is why we’re retaining him relief. Over again, any time – we simply judge that in observe lots, that that is where you increase as a player. 

“So, any time a player misses, obviously we’re no longer going to favor that but no situation because he’s now not off target to be willing.”

The Eagles be pleased their first tubby-padded observe Tuesday, the first test for Reagor to showcase what he can bag in a up to date offense. Philadelphia is counting on Reagor to emerge because the No. 2 option at wide receiver, hoping he can change right into a viable counterpart to DeVonta Smith and excel within the slot. 

There’s hundreds of pressure on Reagor to salvage a giant receiver community that hasn’t had a legitimate first week of observe (open air of Smith), displaying signs the unit hasn’t very much improved from final season. The first uncover of change is to bag Reagor’s suggestions proper — helping him out as he’s going thru a tricky time in his existence. 

“Appropriate being there for him,” Sirianni stated. “If we’re going to allege the very first core price is connecting and then are now not there for gamers in a time of need, then we’re tubby of it. And so or no longer it is simply being there for him, and , having the of us in discipline within the constructing to relieve him take care of the rest that he’s going thru. So that you just’ll probably be pleased got professionals that bag that, proper, that can search the advice of with him if need be and then you objective be pleased coaches that love him which are there to search the advice of with him, too.

“I judge you look, too, the gamers, you look that that is a legitimate-knit community of gamers, as well. So there might well be hundreds of fellows for him in drawl to search the advice of with, all over again, professionals, coaches and his teammates.”

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