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Sirius XM’s most up-to-date satellite tv for computer, SXM-7, has failed in orbit

An artist's illustration of the Sirius XM-7 satellite in orbit.

An artist’s illustration of the Sirius XM-7 satellite tv for computer in orbit.

(Image: © Maxar Applied sciences)

SiriusXM’s most up-to-date satellite tv for computer, SXM-7, has suffered undisclosed screw ups at some point soon of in-orbit finding out, the corporate published in a submitting with the U.S. Securities and Trade Commission on Wednesday (Jan. 27). 

“Right by in-orbit finding out of SXM-7, events came about which hang caused the failure of certain SXM-7 payload units. An review of SXM-7 is underway. The stout extent of the damage to SXM-7 is just not yet identified,” Sirius XM said in the submitting

Right this moment, or not it’s unclear if the satellite tv for computer would be recovered. 

The satellite tv for computer, which was once built by Maxar Applied sciences, launched on a Spacex Falcon 9 rocket on Dec. 13. The corporate has said the failure was once unrelated to the open automobile and that a stout review of the satellite tv for computer is underway. 

Video: SpaceX launches highly efficient Sirius XM satellite tv for computer into orbit

The SXM-7 satellite tv for computer is in step with Maxar Applied sciences‘ SSL-1300 satellite tv for computer bus. Powered by two neatly-organized photo voltaic arrays (and batteries for on-orbit storage), it was once designed to operate in the S-band spectrum, between 2.32 GHz and a pair of.345 GHz. The 15,432-lb. (7,000 kilograms) satellite tv for computer is section of a pair that Maxar built and SpaceX is launching for Sirius XM. The more than a few, SXM-8, is quiet under construction and position to open later this year. 

Every satellite tv for computer has an operational lifetime of 15 years, and was once meant to interchange two growing older satellites already on orbit. The satellites are designed to give a prefer to Sirius XM’s digital radio service, providing coverage across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. 

SXM-7 started its in-orbit finding out section on Jan. 4, which is an analogous old shakedown section prior to a satellite tv for computer enters service. The finding out in most cases lasts for about a months. The corporate has yet to search out out what went coarse, but says it’s up to bustle of the satellite tv for computer.

“We stock out not query our satellite tv for computer radio service to be impacted by these negative SXM-7 events,” Sirius XM said in its submitting. “Our XM-3 and XM-4 satellites continue to operate and are expected to give a prefer to our satellite tv for computer radio service for several years.”

While these two satellites had been the ones Sirius hoped to interchange, they’re wholesome and are expected to continue to give a prefer to the broadcasting service for a great deal of future years. The corporate furthermore said it has an orbital spare, SXM-5, which is standing by.  

As is an analogous old observe in the open industry, Maxar Applied sciences transferred all liability to Sirius XM following open. On the assorted hand, in a submitting of its have, Maxar said it’s helping the broadcasting company in “troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem to voice the extent of the damage to the SXM-7 satellite tv for computer.”

Per Sirius XM, it bought $225 million in mixture insurance coverage for the mission which covers the satellite tv for computer from open by its first year of operation. 

“We now hang notified the underwriters of those policies of a capacity claim with recognize to SXM-7,” Sirius XM wrote in its submitting. 

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