Skyrim Grandma follower mod Shirley is out now for Skyrim Special Edition

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Jabber acted by Skyrim Grandma Shirley Curry herself

Neatly-liked “Skyrim grandma” YouTuber Shirley Curry has turned into a minute of a fixture in The Elder Scrolls fan circles as a result of her elephantine sweet and kick again Skyrim playthroughs. So noteworthy in direct that Bethesda are putting her in The Elder Scrolls 6 as a result of a fan petition. Followers moreover began engaged on a Skyrim follower mod dedicated to Curry a while serve. Or no longer it’s one way or the other arrived, total with teach appearing by Curry herself, so which that you may perchance bring your favourite warrior grandma alongside on your subsequent walk.

There is a initiating trailer for the Shirley mod, then once more or no longer it’s largely a form of motion shots of Shirley in fight with out her acquainted teach. Curry herself has already began a new YouTube sequence the use of the follower mod, which that you may perchance obtain the initiating of right here.

Which that you may perchance perchance perchance recruit Shirley in sport by heading to her condo and polishing off a quest to retrieve a pair of her weapons for her. After you are going to also simply catch serve Shirley’s greatsword, she will be able to most certainly be a part of you as your catch warrior companion. “Shirley is a varied and immersive persona with a very fleshed-out, lore-friendly backstory,” philosophize the mod’s creators. “Which that you may perchance perchance perchance ask her about her past, and she’ll regale you with tails of each and every glory and woe.” There are references to Curry’s YouTube videos around her condo as neatly, together with a memorial to a persona from one among her earliest Skyrim video sequence.

Or no longer it’s solely sweet to see that the project has one way or the other made its diagram into the sunshine. The likeness is relaxing and Curry’s teach appearing is correct as calming as her fashionable video commentary. Or no longer it’s grand to see Curry playing by it herself in her fashionable slack and imaginitive kind.

Which that you may perchance perchance perchance make a selection the Shirley mod for Skyrim Special Edition on Nexus Mods and Bethesda.catch. The creators philosophize that an authentic Skyrim version of the mod is in the works.

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