Smile For the Digicam, David! This Pit Bull’s Schitt’s Creek Costumes Are Fabulous

With four legs, floppy ears, and a tail in addition, Ivy the dog is a capacity icon in the making — factual flip by procedure of her Schitt’s Creek-themed portfolio. The 8-year-extinct Staffordshire Terrier combine became at the start a stray, until her human Jani Laaksonen adopted her and turned her into a superstar. In an applause-grand showcase of her modeling abilities, Ivy — one half of of the Instagram famed duo Sookie & Ivy — posed for a “Schitt’s Creek characterize day,” carrying outfits impressed by all of our authorized characters from the uncover.

“If she so valuable as hears the camera shutter clicks, she comes working.”

An expressive mannequin, Ivy labored her signature pout and truthful brown eyes in every shot, showing off the gap-on minute print of outfits impressed by Alexis Rose, David Rose, Roland Schitt, and more. “The outfits are a combine of my garments, dog costumes, and some accessories chanced on on Amazon,” Jani suggested POPSUGAR. “My garments match her rather successfully as long as the sleeves are rolled up and they also’re cinched at the waist (either with an elastic, a belt or myth) to lead clear of any tripping hazards. David’s sweater became the fully one I needed to construct — I standard a mock turtleneck dickey and fixed on the lightening bolts, which I minimize from white felt. “Moira’s hat is a fascinator that came with a scarf! It became a shrimp immense for her but she’s unparalleled at balancing and staying quiet, so it did now not tumble off.”

Just about organizing her photo shoots, Ivy thinks the more, the merrier. “She is the kind of factual girl!” Jani acknowledged. “Practicing her to pose for photos did now not beget long at all! She is very food motivated so she’s more than contented to beget part! She is a rock superstar along with her sit down and stays and specializes in my tackle preserving hand, which makes it easy to get her to hunt for at the camera. If she so valuable as hears the camera shutter clicks, she comes working.”

Jani is identified online for procuring and crocheting customized outfits for her dogs and using the photos to dispel the stigmas spherical various dog breeds, including pit bulls. “The message we strive and get across by procedure of social media is that pit bull dogs must now not the monsters the media portrays them to be,” Jani suggested iHeartDogs. “I strive and catch photos that portray them in a goofy, enjoyable procedure. Via sharing photos and videos, now we beget had of us characterize us that they’ve grown to love and fancy pit bull dogs. That is our main goal — to beget PAWsitive pit bull consciousness and alter minds.”

While Ivy clearly perceived to work that David Rose lightning crawl sweater, she most identifies with Moira. “She’s a really sassy girl and is a shrimp little bit of a diva. She is comical and has a immense persona — if she became an person, I would bear she’d strive and construct it in Hollywood!” We are going to beget our eyes open for Ivy on the immense cloak, but until then, catch us scrolling by procedure of the photos from her Schitt’s Creek shoot here. (Heads up: They’re all grand of a celebratory Alexis Rose squeal of enjoyment.)

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