Steelers QB Mason Rudolph striking team first w/quarterback resolution

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers acquire on the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday Evening Football. We can also no longer know until that day if Ben Roethlisberger is cleared to play. If he is, head coach Mike Tomlin has hinted he’ll commence up no topic no observe all week which would relegate Mason Rudolph serve to his position as a backup.

But Rudolph doesn’t seem to be overly enraged by that. When he spoke to the media on Thursday, Rudolph acknowledged he has no interior recordsdata about where Roethlisberger is in the midst of or if he’ll play. But he understands how foremost this week’s game is and if he gets the hook on the 11th hour, so be it.

“At the tip of the freaking day what matters is the team and going out and successful the game,” Rudolph acknowledged.

You understand Rudolph will likely be upset if the team contacts him on Saturday evening and tells him he’s getting yanked. But or no longer it’s foremost to savor that he’s spirited to put the team first. Rudolph got the commence up final week against the Detroit Lions and threw for 242 yards on 30-for-50 passing with a touchdown and an interception. Rudolph also rushed for 36 yards.


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