Streaming in 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos? Right here is a handbook

This checklist will make sure you gain the very ideal quality from your streaming companies.


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Whereas the worn TV world drags its toes on supporting 4K HDR video, streaming companies such Netflix and Amazon Top own supplied these formats for years, letting you gape higher-resolution video with richer colour element. They’ve additionally been step by step including give a make a selection to for Dolby Atmos, an object-based entirely originate of encompass sound that provides audio top cues to movie and TV show conceal soundtracks (it’s doubtless you’ll presumably well read all about Dolby Atmos and its chief competitor, DTS:X, at the previous hyperlink). All of this map it’s doubtless you’ll presumably well replicate extra aspects of the movie theater ride without leaving your sofa (grand to the alarm of some of us in Hollywood).

Restful, procuring for a adore 4K HDR TV and Atmos soundbar (and even a paunchy-blown dwelling-theater audio gadget) doesn’t guarantee that you simply’ll be staring at TV in these formats. Obtaining the ideal picture and sound quality requires connecting your hardware in order systems, utilizing order streaming companies, and staring at order stammer. Right here’s a checklist for making sure you’re getting you money’s price:

Step 1: Take a look at your connections

If all you own is a 4K HDR-effectively matched natty TV with nothing else tangled as much because it, you’re in immense form, as a minimal on the video aspect. Fair spend your natty TV’s constructed-in tool to play some 4K stammer, and it would possibly presumably aloof work supplied you own a fleet sufficient broadband connection. (Extra on these stammer sources rapidly.)

The difficulty will get extra sophisticated as you connect exterior streaming gamers to your TV, on memoir of now every hyperlink within the chain should always give a make a selection to 4K and HDR as effectively. As an illustration, you’ll desire a 4K-effectively matched streaming participant, comparable to Roku’s Explicit 4K+ or Amazon’s Fireplace TV Stick 4K.

rokuexpress4kplushero Jared Newman / IDG

Within the occasion you would are alive to to spend an exterior streaming participant alongside with your 4K TV, make sure it supports 4K as effectively (because the Roku Explicit 4K+ does) to gain the identical picture quality.

It’s doubtless you’ll presumably aloof additionally connect these gadgets to your TV’s ideal HDMI input, on memoir of some inputs would possibly presumably now not give a make a selection to 4K or the colour depth required for HDR. (This is amazingly legal for gadgets with Dolby Vision HDR, which requires 12-bit colour depth.) Take a look at the labels for your HDMI ports or search the advice of your TV’s handbook for additional foremost strategies.

For Dolby Atmos, you’ll desire a effectively matched soundbar or receiver tangled as much as your TV’s HDMI-ARC slot, because the structure doesn’t work over an optical cable or 3.5mm audio output (thoses connections legal don’t own sufficient bandwidth to tackle the tips). In case your HDMI-ARC slot is additionally the actual person that provides the very ideal video quality, you’ll desire a soundbar or receiver with its own 4K-capable HDMI input. Jog your streaming tool into that input, and your soundbar or receiver will pass the video alongside to the TV thru the identical cable that handles the audio.

Step 2: Exhaust 4K-pleasant streaming companies

Even with a 4K HDR TV, effectively matched streaming tool, and Atmos audio gadget, you’ll aloof need streaming companies that give a make a selection to these formats. Right here are these that quit as of August 2021:

  • Netflix: Helps 4K, HDR, and Atmos on its $18-per-month Top class plans
  • Amazon Top: Helps 4K, HDR, and Atmos
  • Hulu: Helps 4K for on-build a matter to video
  • YouTube: Helps 4K and HDR video
  • Disney+: Helps 4K, HDR, and Atmos
  • HBO Max: Helps 4K and HDR; plus, Atmos on grab out gadgets on its ad-free plans
  • Apple TV+: Helps 4K, HDR, and Atmos
  • Paramount+: Helps 4K and HDR on its $10-per-month Top class plans
  • Epix Now: Helps 4K on Apple TV and Roku gadgets
  • FuboTV: Helps 4K and HDR for grab out events
  • YouTube TV: Helps 4K and HDR for grab out events on its $20-per-month 4K Plus add-on

Step 3: Catch some 4K stammer

The utilization of the companies above aloof doesn’t guarantee the ideal video and audio quality, as most streaming companies handiest provide a subset of their movies and reveals in 4K. An even smaller quantity give a make a selection to HDR, Dolby Atmos, and evolved HDR formats comparable to Dolby Vision and HDR10+. Which map you’ll want to check on particular person applications to survey if they provide a make a selection to these higher-fidelity formats.

This is easy with Netflix and Amazon Top: You’ll look icons for Extremely HD, HDR, Dolby Vision, and Atmos as you browse thru these apps’ principal menus. (The handiest exception is on Apple TV bins, where an apparent malicious program prevents Netflix from effectively exhibiting Atmos give a make a selection to.) With utterly different companies, comparable to Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max, you own to pick a program first to survey what formats it offers.

4knetflix Jared Newman / IDG

Within the occasion you’ve trouble things up effectively, it’s doubtless you’ll presumably well aloof look 4K, HDR, and Atmos indicators for supported stammer.

You furthermore mght can browse for 4K streaming alternate strategies on-line. The assemble space HDReport has done an supreme job showing which movies and reveals provide 4K, HDR, and Atmos on Netflix, Amazon Top, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Apple TV+, and Paramount+.

Within the occasion you grab out a supported program and don’t look any indicators for 4K, HDR, or Atmos, that potentially map one thing’s amiss alongside with your setup. Double-take a look at the steps above, or look into some extra troubleshooting pointers below.

Step 4: Ascertain 4K playback

Other than utilizing your eyes and ears, how one can double-take a look at whether you’re undoubtedly getting the ideal video and audio quality is to survey what your TV or soundbar says it’s striking out.

4ktvinfo Jared Newman / IDG

This Vizio TV clearly states when it’s outputting video in Dolby Vision HDR.

On some TVs, it is doubtless for you to to hit an info button for your television a ways-off to survey which picture mode it’s utilizing. This would presumably well order you whether the TV has flipped over to 4K, HDR10, HDR10+, or Dolby Vision modes. Likewise, some soundbars and receivers will show conceal which audio structure they’re utilizing, so look for an “Atmos” indicator once playback begins.

atmossoundbar Jared Newman / IDG

This Sony soundbar indicates when Atmos playback has begun.

Within the occasion you’re aloof having issues, it’s doubtless you’ll presumably well additionally take a look at the settings for your streaming tool to make sure it’s in a situation to mumble video in 4K resolution:

  • Roku: Head to Settings > Present Kind
  • Apple TV: Head to Settings > Video and Audio, then look below “Layout” and “Audio Layout”
  • Fireplace TV: Head to Settings > Present & Sounds > Present, then take a look at “Video Resolution”
  • Chromecast with Google TV: Head to Settings > Present & Sound, then take a look at “Resolution” and “Dynamic differ & Colour structure”
  • Android TV: Head to Settings > Instrument Preferences > Cloak resolution, then take a look at “Present Mode”

Restful no longer getting excessive-quality video and audio? Take a look at out my handbook to troubleshooting usual streaming issues, which would possibly presumably support address any underlying connectivity issues, or let me know whenever you happen to dash into any issues no longer talked about here. Whereas I can’t decipher every A/V setup, I’ll strive my ideal to support.

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