Stunning Lasagna and Spinach Pizza at Halal Pizza Republica in Sanya

Pizza Republica is the second store of the logo after it’s first location in Yiwu. The Sanya store is situated next to Microscopic India on Dadonghai’s strip. A plus for Muslim tourists is that it’s halal.

I had heard about the gap from native expat Sandy Morrison in a Sanya community, nonetheless hadn’t gotten a possibility to scoop it out. So when my household desired to lead determined of cooking in some unspecified time in the future of one other energy outage in our neighborhood, Bobby acknowledged he’d been trying to take a look at out a brand new pizza space in Dadonghai. I knew which he meant and acknowledged, “Let’s crawl!”


It’s a ways a type of restaurant that you procure your teens to whenever you are seeking to must possess an uninterrupted conversation with along with your companion. My husband and teens possess the sort of humor that appreciates both Mr. Bean and Tom and Jerry that had been showing on the TV the night we tried out the gap.


After we arrived, completely no person became as soon as sitting at their tidy and good tables. On one hand that became as soon as proper for us to possess unhindered non-public conversations with the crew pretending not to hear us chat about household and lifestyles components.

On the more than a few hand, it makes me timorous that perhaps one other international-focused restaurant would possibly well well presumably crawl below if Sanya neighborhood doesn’t point to extra toughen to little businesses.

It be genuinely vital for expats to point to toughen and come round little businesses in list to abet them attach surviving. All of us attach complaining about not adequate proper, sensible western food being right here, an English media not being right here, an leisure or sport not being right here, then we don’t point to up after we’re wanted. Let’s alternate that.

Despite the vacancy of the positioning, we had been impressed by the scale of the menu, that became as soon as big. It became as soon as laborious for us to grab because there became as soon as proper loads to grab from.

I appreciated that they posted a yellow sticky expose on top of the menu objects that they form not currently possess in inventory. All of us perceive how stressful it’s a ways to possess spent a quantity of time deciding between dishes, making a call, then hearing, “Oh, we don’t possess that.”

“What about this?”

“Yeah, we don’t possess that both.”

It’s nice that they skip the difficulty for us altogether by telling possibilities upfront.

Bobby straight away saw the salads and knows I’m a big fan of a hearty green bowl, so he suggested the rooster Caesar salad (RMB42). The image didn’t look delectable to me so I suggested the salmon salad (RMB45). In the beginning he became as soon as hesitant nonetheless when he saw the value, he acknowledged, “Inch ahead, list what you are seeking to possess!”

With that declaration, we bought several assorted dishes to take a look at out. Along with the salmon salad, we ordered cheese bread (RMB18), lasagna (RMB65), spinach pizza (RMB68 little, 88 nice), meat lovers pizza (RMB75 little, 95 nice) and tiny scampi (46).

We bought the cheese bread first and determined it became as soon as better with a splash of parmesan and spices. Thankfully, they’ve little desk caddy with parmesan, spice, Tabasco sauce and a smattering of varied things you would possibly well possibly presumably presumably wanted kept in it.


The lasagna came out next. Absolutely exquisite. It became as soon as the star dish of the total night.

Lasagna is my husband’s well-liked dish. I will be able to assemble it at dwelling, nonetheless having this little private lasagna available anytime to shock him for lunch makes me contented. Making lasagna from scratch would possibly well well presumably also moreover be complex, as  well as his well-liked dessert, cheesecake.


Then came the salmon salad. Since it became as soon as shown up by the lasagna, I wasn’t pretty as angry to dig into this, nonetheless I’ll remark that or not it’s a quantity of imprint for the value. One among the things that I disfavor about getting salad from any assorted space than Dolphin is that often eating areas assemble it so little. Yet I do know that lettuce and vegetables are so low imprint in China.

I became as soon as pleasantly surprised by their salad because I do know salmon would possibly well be not low imprint. The salmon taste became as soon as a exiguous bit on the stronger side even supposing, meaning perhaps it wasn’t pretty as novel. Alternatively, it became as soon as genuinely superior with a plan to assemble this form of hearty salad for a genuinely sensible imprint.


Then the two nice pizzas came out and we didn’t possess adequate room on our desk to suit all of it. They had been both very proper, and I’m contented to possess a tight spinach pizza. My kids ate both of them and appreciated them both. Bobby aslo genuinely appreciated the meat lover’s pizza.



Closing became as soon as the tiny scampi. I form not know what it became as soon as about this dish, nonetheless it proper wasn’t my well-liked. The tiny became as soon as tidy and novel tasting. The mushrooms had their earthy taste as well-liked. However it wasn’t a genuinely memorable dish when put next to the more than a few food that we had right here.


So I feel that right here’s the sort of restaurant where there would possibly well be going to be a hit and omit of dishes unless all people figures out which plates are proper and which must be skipped. We’re going to provide you with the option to possess to quiet where we’re going to possess to quiet all band collectively as a community and take a look at out your total dishes to grab which ones we cherish and let assorted of us know which dishes are proper and that are likely to be not.

We paid RMB355 for our household of 4. Bobby and our son both stuffed themselves, while our daughter ended up taking extra to faculty for lunch. That averages out to RMB71 while you furthermore mght count our daughter’s meal the next day.

If you don’t must smash in to thrill in, they win train and possess a Waimai shop.

Pizza Republica

Day-to-day, 11.30am-10.30pm. 77-5 Yusian Jie. Dadonghai Haoting Garden, next to Microscopic India. 18907501521. Ogle listing.

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