Sylvania Roadsight Reputable Wander Cam review: Factual video, easy to expend

The effortlessly detachable cameras imply you don’t must grief about opportunistic thieves.

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  • Sylvania Roadsight Reputable Wander Cam

Sylvania is comparatively fresh to the dart cam sport, nonetheless the $140 Roadsight Reputable ($140 on Amazon) is a reasonably correct space to commence. On the opposite hand, I was predisposed upon installation to love it—it’s one of many very few programs to feature an non-mandatory, detachable rear digicam ($50 on Amazon). More on that later. Most of us will likely be more drawn to the stylish looks to be like and in actual fact correct captures. 

This review is allotment of our ongoing roundup of the ideal dart cams. Wander there for files on competing products and how we examined them. 

Form and positive factors

The Roadsight Reputable is a tiny rectangle (measuring 3 x 1.3 x 1.7 inches), with a amazing (to me) orange lens body that couples magnetically with its mount. There’s a mammoth two-dash color speak on the serve. Four buttons encompass the speak for navigating the menus, which will likely be properly belief-out and organized. Vitality routes by a mini-USB port on the fair (viewed from the serve). The cardboard slot sits on the left, and the vitality button on the end. All in all, it’s a extremely properly-organized personal.

The 130-diploma discipline-of-perceive (FOV) entrance digicam is 1296p succesful, nonetheless it comes preset to 1080p—the sweet space for correct part and cheap storage requirements. The non-mandatory rear digicam is 1080p with a 140-diploma FOV, and as I said earlier than, it’s detachable. Because I drive a convertible in a city (10 seconds for a slice-and-bewitch), I like that feature a lot. Whereas you intend to bewitch them out and in a lot, compose determined that that you just seat the cameras properly upon replace so that they characteristic properly.

The Roadsight Reputable has a 2nd vitality/mini-USB port on the semi-permanent adhesive mount, and also it is top to expend it even as you’re utilizing the non-mandatory rear digicam, as I did. The 3.5mm connection for the rear digicam is additionally chanced on there. Locating that port on the mount made for neater cable routing than when the port is on the digicam. The cable for the rear digicam is additionally of cheap thickness and easy to route. Such is no longer continuously the case.

app caps IDG

The Sylvania Join app. Are residing perceive (in my space of job), and the principle settings web page.

The Roadsight Reputable positive factors integrated GPS, and useless to converse, there’s a telephone app. That potentialities are you’ll perchance maybe maybe offload video by eliminating the SD card and utilizing a reader on other computing units as properly. As neatly-liked as telephone apps will likely be, that extra reader option is at hand if for some motive the digicam dies. 

Extras consist of a G-sensor parking mode (unsleeping on shock) and ADAS (Developed Driver, Assistance Machine) in the compose of lane departure and entrance collision audio indicators. The Roadsight Reputable has a battery on board which would maybe vitality the digicam for as much as 30 minutes, nonetheless you’ll need a fixed vitality supply to enable long-time-frame parking mode. I suggest a powered mirror/dart cam adapter or OBD-II-style vitality adapter as the finest to set up.


The Roadsight Reputable’s captures are very correct. I realized that on a vivid, sunny day, white reflective areas had an inclination to blow out rather (lose part and be overly vivid) when the HDR used to be engaged. That potentialities are you’ll perchance maybe maybe flip off HDR and have more part, with the loss, useless to converse, of the shiny color. Detail is amazingly correct. 

sylvania front day IDG

The Sylvania entrance perceive throughout the day. Describe that lighter colours in vivid mild tended to lose part.

The setup has about a minor quirks. The entrance digicam made an new static-like noise for about a seconds when first commencing, and throughout some operations equivalent to card formatting. Additionally, the rear digicam had an inclination to speak faint rolling bars throughout the video. 

sylvania front night IDG

The Sylvania entrance evening perceive exhibits very correct part and handles headlight flare properly.

Beyond that, image stabilization used to be correct on tough roads. We saw cramped graininess throughout video playback when put next with many dart cams. 

sylvania rear day best IDG

Sylvania rear digicam day exhaust. Describe that this used to be with the digicam facing forward throught the entrance windshield. That potentialities are you’ll perchance maybe maybe look it facing to the rear below, albeit with a heater wire blurring allotment of the exhaust.  

The above exhaust is generally the rear digicam facing forward. I unfortunately, placed the rear mount where one of many heater wires interfered with the image, as that you just would be in a position to look in the subsequent image.

sylvania rear day IDG

Watch out where you mount the rear digicam. I unfortunately managed to space it instantly in the serve of a heater wire. Don’t end that.

The heater wires are on corpulent speak in the rear evening exhaust confirmed below. The digicam in this instance used to be mounted on the rear deck in deserve to instantly attached to the window, as it in total will likely be. I needed to exhaust the mount thanks to downhearted customary placement, and the sticky stuff wasn’t so sticky anymore. 

vlcsnap 2021 01 23 11h43m40s884 IDG

Sylvania rear perceive evening. These faint traces are the heater wires in the rear window of my vehicle. 

The Sylvania’s captures are competent—a long way superior to the suitable cameras of ideal about a years previously, and more than adequate for upright expend. Front and rear 1080p formulation you’ll get the part you’d like from both course. 

A extremely correct digicam

The Sylvania Roadsight Reputable is a extremely correct dart cam—stable in every respect. It ticks your entire important feature containers, and it be especially at hand even as you don’t must leave thief-bait in their vehicle. The detachable rear digicam is every bit as correct, and $190 for the duo is a correct deal.

Describe: Whereas you occur to rob one thing after clicking links in our articles, lets compose a tiny price. Be taught our affiliate hyperlink protection for more tiny print.

  • Sylvania Roadsight Reputable Wander Cam

    The Sylvania Roadsight Reputable takes care of the basics (together with GPS) competently. The non-mandatory rear digicam is detachable for city parking, and the magnetic mount for the entrance digicam is a gem.


    • Factual video captures
    • Integrated GPS
    • Good integration for non-mandatory and detachable rear digicam


    • Itsy-bitsy static noises on startup and some operations

Jon is a Juilliard-trained musician, faded x86/6800 programmer, and long-time (slack 70s) computer fanatic residing in the San Francisco bay keep. [email protected]

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