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July 13, 2021 ( –

Blueprint Analytic, a leading provider of KOL-focussed digital tools and companies and products for pharmaceutical companies, launched the open of a brand unusual Firefly KOL Mapping Database – Firefly Max.

KOL Identification & Mapping lies at the heart of Blueprint Analytics’ inception – it’s miles the 1st step of the “KOL engagement cycle,” and for Blueprint Analytic, a Firefly KOL Mapping database used to be the first database delivered a total lot of years ago.

Pharmaceutical groups locate a peculiar put of residing of challenges via KOL Identification & Mapping. Budget boundaries and time constraints are normally obstacles, and the reality that totally different groups and purposeful groups at some stage within the firm require totally different kinds of KOLs normally creates a fragmented and inefficient KOL Mapping direction of, normally resulting in a KOL database platform that is attempting to be everything to all and sundry.

The unusual characteristic of Firefly MAX that enables it to take care of all KOL wants at some stage in all groups – Global, Nationwide, Clinical, Advertising and marketing and marketing, Clinical and HEOR – is that it permits every group to customise and ticket on the hideous-level files put of residing to suit their explicit wants, giving an unparalleled level of insight and granularity into the KOL Panorama that is unusual to every characteristic.

Firefly MAX is powered by a wealth of quantitative files from a total lot of domains. Blueprint Analytic research, analyse, validate, procure, nasty, weight, assimilate, curate, and present all of it the assert of the handiest of craftsmanship with the handiest of science.

Firefly MAX uses a vary of applied sciences (in conjunction with machine discovering out & NLP), alongside side curation by medical specialists to analyse files and generate visuals – from Community maps to topic bushes. This special mixture of craftsmanship and medics/researchers approach that Firefly MAX presents a entire KOL Mapping delivered with a excessive level of self belief.

Beautifully designed and straightforward to make assert of, Firefly MAX can make stronger pharmaceutical clients the 1st step of the KOL engagement direction of – KOL identification mapping – the foundation of efficient KOL approach.

Firefly MAX permits unlimited customers and is supported by a entire programme of activities designed to maximise pharmaceutical funding in a KOL database.

Dr Sanjay Singhvi, a Director at Blueprint Analytic, mentioned, “As Prof Michael Porter once opined, attempting to be all issues to all people is a recipe for mediocrity, and the identical applies to KOL databases. And we’re not mediocre.”


About Blueprint Analytic:

Our visionary digital tools and world-class companies and products succor our clients to establish, perceive, and defend with the largest people in their world. As a firm, that is all we predict about, that is all we originate – and we originate it with an analytical depth and brilliance unmatched by anybody else.

We mix the handiest of treatment with the handiest of craftsmanship to develop modern choices that are characterised by transparency, collaboration, and belief. That is why the world’s leading pharma companies and the world’s leading physicians entrust us with their self belief – and we originate everything in our strength to elaborate the faith they put in us.

Source: Blueprint Analytic

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