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Technical obstacles and costs hindered New Zealand GPs’ shift to e-prescribing, explore reveals

While most strange practitioners in New Zealand possess embraced the scurry to electronic medication prescribing in the beginning up of the pandemic, some possess struggled to adapt.

A watch from the College of Ontago, which changed into no longer too lengthy ago printed in the New Zealand Journal of Main Healthcare, surveyed over 160 GPs, discover nurses and nurse practitioners across the island country to know how they handled the exchange in issuing scripts. The explore ran for 16 weeks from Can also simply when the Stage 4 lockdown changed into utilized. 


The watch printed that some GPs had been ailing-ready for the shift to e-prescribing, in particular among those that had no longer adopted it as strange practise earlier to the pandemic. There had been concerns over the payment of installation and technical obstacles; others had programs that weren’t well matched with those in pharmacies, ensuing in delays in issuing scripts. 

It changed into additionally notorious that the pandemic-introduced on lockdown had an raise out on patient behaviour. In line with the researchers, some GPs mentioned their patients had been “stockpiling, hoarding and fear-shopping” medications because of the concerns that the border closure can possess an designate on present. 

Worse, some Māori, Pacific, aged and rural patients went on with out medicines or diminished their dosages in both terror of leaving their houses to take them up from pharmacies or the shortcoming of funds to rob them.

The exchange in medication prescribing has additionally precipitated strain on pharmacies who needed to tackle the “worthy amplify” in prescription inquire of.


New Zealand’s Ministry of Effectively being has impressed GPs to exhaust e-prescribing to toughen efforts in sharp the unfold of COVID-19. In April excellent three hundred and sixty five days, it permitted the issuance of signature-exempt prescriptions, among composed strategies imposed for giving out digital scripts.

The government has developed the New Zealand ePrescription Provider (NZePS) which affords a secure messaging channel for prescribing and doling out programs to exchange prescription data electronically. The Effectively being Ministry is working with scientific institution IT machine suppliers to enable prescribers to recount e-scripts for scientific institution discharge, outpatient, specialists, nurse prescribers and midwife care. Medtech, MyPractice, Indici and Medimap discover management programs are in the indicate time constructed-in with NZePS.

As the country has all over all over again been positioned under lockdown, Dr Geraldine Wilson, the watch’s lead creator, suggested the federal government to observe into adopting a “extra formalised” Home Medication Provider to be sure extra inclined patients can compile their medications at dwelling.

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