Teen Mother 2‘s Leah Bought ‘Upright News’ About Her Private Health Jabber

Leah’s Teen Mother 2 season started with the mum of three telling her twins in regards to the significance of embracing the “fun stuff” that consists of becoming a young lady (i.e. menstrual cycles and breast self-assessments). And all around the season finale, the mum of three had some “lawful files” to piece regarding her possess properly being.

“I did no longer let you know guys, but I had another ultrasound,” Leah urged her daughters in regards to the benign lump she had detected in her breast. “And even though the tumor had grown, it wasn’t essentially pertaining to. So I compose now no longer want to derive the surgical treatment.”

Ali, Aleeah and Adalynn had been joyful for their mother and reacted with a unanimous “yay!” Leah added that, “down the highway,” she would possibly well well derive a 2nd idea, but for now she was “joyful” with the prognosis.

“I lawful are trying to ensure each and every of you — I settle on you to promise me — each and every of you’re going to attain your absolute finest to deal alongside with your possess properly being,” Leah stated. “Desire care of your self. Pinky promise.”

A pact was made between the four, and now Leah can shut this chapter for now. Be clear to request her on the Teen Mother 2 reunion on Tuesday at 8/7c.

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