Telegram requires builders to expose ads

Linked TL schema:

sponsoredMessage flags:# random_id:bytes from_id:Gaze channel_post:flags.2?int start_param:flags.0?string message:string entities:flags.1?Vector = SponsoredMessage;
messages.sponsoredMessages messages:Vector chats:Vector users:Vector = messages.SponsoredMessages;


channels.getSponsoredMessages channel:InputChannel = messages.SponsoredMessages;
channels.viewSponsoredMessage channel:InputChannel random_id:bytes = Bool;

Getting sponsored messages

Whenever the patron opens a channel, channels.getSponsoredMessages must be called to uncover sponsored messages accessible for this channel. The halt outcome must be cached for 5 minutes.

Extra about sponsored messages on Telegram

Displaying sponsored messages

Subsidized messages must be displayed below all other posts in the channel, after the patron scrolls futher down, previous the closing message. The promoted channel or bot specified by the from_id field must be displayed because the author of the message. The message could well mute furthermore possess one among the next buttons at the backside:

  • Question Bot — if a bot is being promoted. Tapping the button could well mute open the chat with the bot. If start_param is specified, the app could well mute spend the deep linking mechanism to open the bot.
  • Question Channel — if a channel is being promoted. Tapping the button could well mute open the channel.
  • Question Submit — if a channel is being promoted and channel_post is specified. Tapping the button could well mute open the particular channel post.

Counting sponsored message views

As soon as your complete text is confirmed on the hide (excluding the button), channels.viewSponsoredMessage must be called with the random_id of this sponsored message.

Subsidized messages in third-occasion apps

Telegram continues to develop worldwide, in fragment thanks to third-occasion apps the spend of the Telegram API. To quilt the rising costs that stretch with this development, Telegram added sponsored messages – a paid privateness-pleasant map to promote bots and channels.

Third-occasion builders the spend of the Telegam API are required to toughen and effectively present knowledgeable sponsored messages of their apps by January 1, 2022. Unfortunately, Telegram can’t financially withhold third-occasion apps that attain now not present sponsored messages and they’re going to contain to be disconnected.

Telegram’s API utilization will proceed to be freed from cost for all builders. The suggestions relating to monetization in third-occasion apps remain the identical: builders are allowed to monetize their coding efforts thru promoting of their very bask in or other legitimate approach, supplied that the total suggestions of monetization extinct of their apps are prominently talked about of their app store descriptions.

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