The All-Nighter: What Occurs When Vampires Moonlight as Superheroes?

In general when vampires trace up in superhero comics, they’re treated as villains and cannon fodder for supernatural heroes love Blade. Nonetheless what happens when vampires change into the superheroes? That’s what The All-Nighter sets out to answer to.

The All-Nighter is basically the most contemporary addition to the comiXology Originals library. It reunites the entire artistic physique of workers of Afterlift, alongside side writer Chip Zdarsky, artist Jason Bathroom bathroom, colorist Paris Alleyne, letterer Aditya Bidikar, and editor Allison O’Toole. Investigate cross-take a look at the slideshow gallery below for an distinctive stare on the first stammer:

The All-Nighter: Remarkable Comic Guide Preview

The All-Nighter revolves spherical Alex, a vampire who reluctantly lives a smooth existence among humanity. When flipping burgers in an all-evening diner grows too dreary, Alex finds a brand new outlet by capitalizing on his relish of superhero movies and turning into the costumed vigilante his city needs. Naturally, that creates a entire new living of concerns for Alex and his fellow undead.

“With ALL-NIGHTER we be aware a family of vampires as they toil away at their all-evening diner. It’s a smooth existence, but one in all the vampires needs extra, so he faucets into his relish of superheroes and begins battling crime as one,” Zdarsky tells IGN. “Nonetheless he doesn’t realize that he’s re-writing the tips of all of monsterdom. Is ‘monsterdom’ a discover? It sounds love a dominatrix in a werewolf cowl. Pleased Halloween, perverts!”

Zdarsky continues, “Our cast all maintain numerous things the need in existence, or, extra precisely, the afterlife. Alex is a young man, craving for slouch. Pleasure is the girl trapped in a baby’s physique who has to be viewed for what she is. Cynthia modified into once a frail high-powered govt who staunch needs the glory that she aged to inform. And then there’s the chief of the physique of workers, Ian, who needs a straightforward existence without all these complications. Jason and I wanted this to verify all of our packing containers. To maintain or no longer it’s a fun place of job comedy, to be a superhero narrative, an exploration of supernatural mythology. Piecing it together modified into once a ton of fun.”

“I am having quite a form of fun reimagining with Chip these types of iconic monsters in a world that is end to ours the set there must always no longer any superheroes,” says Bathroom bathroom. “So, what if geeky vampires love Alex and Pleasure resolve to procure impressed by the caped avengers they watch on the cowl? How imaginative and artistic can these characters be with their costumes and superhero identification? Now not as chilly as they would deem. There’s staunch a entire bunch layers of identification in these characters.”

The principle two concerns with The All-Nighter are readily in the market now. The series is free to read for subscribers of comiXology Unlimited and Amazon Kindle Unlimited, or every stammer would perhaps additionally also be bought for $2.99. For fogeys who resolve print comics, an All-Nighter alternate paperback sequence will most definitely be published through Gloomy Horse Comics in February 2022.

Zdarsky followers must always quiet additionally protect an stare out for Devil’s Reign, an upcoming Marvel crossover that pits the Avengers against a triumphant Wilson Fisk. You might perhaps presumably additionally maintain a maintain a examine our picks for 25 wanted graphic novels to read on comiXology Unlimited.

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