The Community Highlight 2021.09.11

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The Community Highlight is your one finish shop for yelling about pudgy Thor, retractable claws, oldschool RPGs, U.S. citizenship, sealed video games, and George Foreman. … a customary Saturday.

Hi there and welcome to the most modern episode of the Huge Bomb Community Highlight! I, @zombiepie, am as soon as extra honored to be your host as we possess in mind relieve on the perfect neighborhood-created works from the closing week.

Drew is doing his yearly on-line sport charity circulate for the National MS Society! This is the donation hyperlink with extra particulars but additionally, donate what which that you just can perchance moreover! The circulate begins at 12 pm Pacific on 9/11/2021, but even at the same time as you omit the circulate, the donation page ought to finish up for some time!

Also, Danny O’Dwyer handed his civics examination and is now a citizen of the united states. Congratulate him ought to which that you just can perchance moreover possess the time on Twitter!

In regards to top class programming, the big news is that the PowerBombcast is BACK! And not most productive is it relieve, but it also aspects Derek (aka TurboMan) as a guest! Anyway, right here is your outline of top class inform material ought to you overlooked something:


Fleet & Bombastic (By: @kone)

After dealing with a rapid scenario on YouTube, kone has re-uploaded their Fleet & Infected tribute to Huge Bomb and the employees that left earlier this year! I’m not going to lie, when the song kicked in, I could moreover relief but fetch emotional.


Determined to inaugurate paying consideration to @giantbomb podcasts from the beginning. Something nostalgically awesome about paying consideration to the fellows talking about GTA IV screenshots, Windows Vista updates, and the upcoming 50 Cent 2 sport.

— Expend Goddard (@robgoddard_) September 5, 2021


Anyone having fun with this?
Any individual having enjoyable with this?

Aliens: Fireteam Elite PS4 & PS5 Online Hookup Thread (By: @lenny)

Are there any customers taking part in Aliens: Fireteam Elite on PS4 or PS5? In say so that you just can hook up with others customers on-line, right here is the hyperlink for you! Also, at the same time as you possess an interest in diversified platforms, please eradicate into consideration making a full of life thread


Some Solutions on Oddworld: Soulstorm (By: @danielkempster)

I am of the controversial opinion Golden Sun 2's story is BETTER if you do not link your save data with Golden Sun 1.
I’m of the controversial realizing Golden Sun 2’s account is BETTER at the same time as you discontinuance not hyperlink your put knowledge with Golden Sun 1.

danielkempster has been a mountainous fan of the Oddworld franchise over time, so, they made up our minds to give Oddworld: Soulstorm a shot! Peep why the heightened manufacturing values and up prior to now gameplay this time spherical surely resonated with them!

My Favourite Games: Golden Sun & Golden Sun: The Lost Age (By: @brendan)

Examine out Brendan’s MASSIVE blog post on Huge Bomb paying tribute to Golden Sun & Golden Sun: The Lost Age which explains why each and each video games smooth stand as about a of their internal most favourite JRPGs ever made.

Assemble Chrono Crossed: Part #4: Back… No Seriously, Back Me! I Plan not Realize The Story In This Sport! (By: @zombiepie)

This game goes
This sport goes “areas.”

After a rapid hiatus, Moderator ZombiePie’s retrospective on Chrono Execrable continues with an exhaustive possess in mind on the first half of of the game’s 2d disc. Be warned, right here’s where shit will get surely surely surely convoluted.

The Wheel of Uncertain FPSes Episode 01-02: Daikatana and Red Faction II (By: @arbitrarywater)

ArbitraryWater debuted a brand unique blog collection on the put of residing where they possess in mind at “doubtful FPS video games!” The first episode opinions their time with Daikatana and Red Faction II! Seek which sport they enjoyed the most using the hyperlink above!

Conan Exiles Is Now On Xbox Sport Pass & It be A Pass From Me (By: @gla55jaw)

Conan Exiles turned into on hand on Sport Pass some time relieve and Huge Bomb user gla55jAw oldschool that as an excuse to give it a shot! Exercise the hyperlink above to read why they wished they hadn’t.

What’s the Splendid Video Sport: Thomas Used to be Alone (By: @imunbeatable80)

Modern-day John Romero seems like a pretty chill guy. His Twitter is definitely worth following.
Smartly-liked-day John Romero appears like a pretty kick again guy. His Twitter is properly price following.

imunbeatable80 checked out Thomas Used to be Alone for the most modern episode of their “What’s the Splendid Video Sport” collection on the put of residing! Seek why they enjoyed the game despite about a shortcomings.

Indie Sport of the Week 236: Natty Capture the Sport +

Mega Archive: Part XXVIII: From George Foreman’s KO Boxing to Hit the Ice (By: @mento)

First, Mento’s most modern “Indie Sport of the Week” is all about Natty Capture the Sport! Read why they stumbled on it to be a enjoyable stage-essentially based mostly “explormer” related to Protest of Ecclesia and Demon’s Crest! 2nd, they’re mixing things up for their Mega Archive blog collection! As they proceed to possess in mind at each and each sport that ever launched on the Mega Drive/Genesis, behold how they possess improved their retrospective on the legendary console!

Dialogue Threads

PlayStation Showcase 2021 Dialogue Thread (By: @gtxforza)

People sound excited to use their PlayStations! What say you?
Of us sound enraged to make spend of their PlayStations! What tell you?

What were your impressions of the PlayStation Showcase 2021? Does it fetch you extreme about the way forward for the PlayStation brand? What discontinuance you imagine were the highlights?

When You “Fall” TV Reveals, Film Sequence, Games, Etc. Plan You Ever Intend To Scamper Motivate When They Total? (By: @topcyclist)

Because the title suggests, ought to you “tumble” a indicate or sport, is the idea to fetch relieve and perform it? What does a sport or indicate must discontinuance so that you just can renounce mid-manner and not are attempting to creep relieve?

Nintendo Providing Refunds For Sonic Colors On Change (By: @hizang)

This is probably my favorite design from Dan Auer.
This is presumably my favourite create from Dan Auer.

Nintendo is reportedly offering refunds for Sonic Colors Final on Change. What discontinuance you create of Colors Final’s order and discontinuance you imagine Nintendo will reform its refund protection?

The (Internet page) Engineer Appreciation Thread (By: @seriuzbiznus)

Impressed by a Tweet from Dan Auer, now we possess a discussion thread discussing your favourite create and engineering work on Huge Bomb. Also, let’s give Dan a huge “THANK YOU” for their years of exertions on Huge Bomb!

Gran Turismo 7 And Subsequent God Of War Toughen From PS4 To PS5 Version Costs $10 USD, Are You K With That? (By: @gtxforza)

I never trust Gran Turismo release dates until the game finally comes out.
I never belief Gran Turismo inaugurate dates except the game in the end comes out.

Gran Turismo 7 and God of War: Ragnarök will each and each possess an make stronger program from PS4 to PS5 that charges $10 USD. How discontinuance you feel about this? Plan you imagine Sony will ever lunge on that price point or discontinuance you imagine that is the perfect we will fetch?

Switch And Then Throw Out? Throw Out And Then Switch? What Came about The Closing Time You Moved? (By: @turtlefish)

Impressed by Jeff’s most modern batch of Storage Streams, for these of you who possess needed to spin, discontinuance you dangle to spin after which throw out junk? Or, discontinuance it is advisable throw out junk after which spin? Half your transferring scorching takes!

Are Opinions Unexcited Relevant? (By: @topcyclist)

I also like this Thor design. It definitely has bara energy.
I also like this Thor create. It undoubtedly has bara energy.

Plan you smooth gather sport opinions related? Are there lope genres that power you to behold out opinions whereas others day-one opinions feel inappropriate? If right here’s a subject matter you are involved about, check out this poll and discussion thread!

Gran Turismo 7 Dialogue Thread (By: @gtxforza)

Are there any Huge Bomb customers extreme about the unique Gran Turismo 7 news and trailer? Are you compatible chuffed to gaze something from Polyphony Digital? Plan you belief the launched inaugurate date?


The Huge 2021 Grasp System Spree (By: @daavpuke)

If you don't have the Best Buy exclusive Tap Pad, why even play?
At the same time as you happen to place not possess the Simplest Safe irregular Tap Pad, why even play?

Daavpuke did something a cramped bit diversified this week and compiled a list of the entire Sega Grasp System video games they possess played. At the same time as you happen to could moreover possess ever been involved to gaze which video games on the platform are price attempting out, right here’s the list for you!

Manufacturing unit Sealed Retirement Idea (By: @marino)

With all these sealed video games selling for a entire bunch of thousands of dollars, Marino made up our minds to gather a list of his unopened video games that will absolutely let him retire early. Treasure a factory sealed copy of Chrono Trigger… on DS. Or the Simplest Safe Contemporary Version of Let’s Tap.

Rare Replay, Ranked (By: @jeremyf)

jeremyf is giving Rare Replay but every other creep and this time is ranking each and each sport from the compilation from most productive to worst! Seek which video games, prior to now, not lower than, possess risen to the finish.

High 10 The Simplest Mortal Kombat Games (By: @kamikaiz3)

Kamikaiz3 is a fresh convert to the Mortal Kombat franchise so, their list of their ten favourite video games from the gathering could moreover possess in mind in every other case to most. Nonetheless, give it a read and don’t neglect to deem about making a list of your have faith.

Particular person Opinions

  • @yyninja‘s Paper Mario: The Origami King overview on Huge Bomb discusses why the game’s enchantment used to be not ample to distract them from what they stumbled on to be shallow mechanics.
  • @davesf returns to reviewing video games on Huge Bomb with a possess in mind at Naraka Bladepoint! Read why they stumbled on it to be a mountainous B-Tier sport throwback but on smartly-liked platforms!
  • @dinoracha‘s Superliminal overview shares why the game’s account does it no favors, but its gameplay does a tight job of carrying the leisure of the experience.

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