The correct device to store cilantro to spoil sad, slimy leaves

Declare goodbye to brown, wilted leaves

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Cilantro, parsley, basil, and other leafy herbs can spoil immediate if they’re no longer stored properly. Brown, wilted, and most continuously even watery leaves are a cook’s worst nightmare (you know, alongside cuts and burns, kitchen fires, and burning the vacation roast). Cilantro is an wanted herb in so many dishes corresponding to Báhn mì, and significantly in Mexican cuisine, too. So what’s guidelines on how to store herbs admire cilantro to capture the leafy herbs unique for weeks? Forward, secure four of our crew’s tried-and-gorgeous tricks for storing cilantro to ensure the leaves and stems quit unique.

The trend to store cilantro

Salad spinner

Each person’s well-liked marriage ceremony registry merchandise is no longer gorgeous for rinsing greens before making home made Caesar salad or a engaging WFH lunch. “I honest honest today cleaned quite a lot of cilantro and stored it in a salad spinner with rather water on the underside and that labored smartly,” stated Food52 food editor Emma Laperruque. Strive this style out the usage of our well-liked spinner from the Food52store!

Glass jars

Assigning editor Rebecca Firkser is keen on storing a bunch of cilantro in glass jars with about a inches of water and covering them with reusable plastic bags from the grocery store. This kind keeps the cilantro unique for days in the refrigerator. Loyal make certain to interchange and replenish the jar with natty water every two to three days.

Ice dice trays

A immense-easy device to store cilantro so that it stays unique is by freezing the leaves and stems in ice dice trays. Utter one teaspoon of chopped cilantro leaves and stems in every ice dice tray after which have every fragment with gorgeous-quality olive oil or water. When you occur to need to need to exercise cilantro, gorgeous pop a dice or two out and let them defrost or melt in a pan. The leaves may perhaps furthermore no longer look as unique and crisp as at the same time as you occur to plucked them straight from the stems but their style will seemingly be gorgeous as pronounced.

Plastic bags

An easy device to store herbs admire cilantro is by wrapping the cilantro stems in a a bit damp paper towel (strive our reusable paper towels!)and inserting the bundle in a plastic Ziploc get, which ensures that the cilantro leaves don’t turn brown too immediate. Bag the paper towel with a rubber band to ensure the herb bundle stays unique. Admittedly, this is the least eco-pleasant manner, but it in fact takes up the least amount of home, so at the same time as you occur to may perhaps furthermore merely have a minute refrigerator, this is able to perhaps presumably be the superb probability for you.

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