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The Ending to Squid Recreation Depicts a Factual Fight Between Egoism and Altruism

Warning: The next contains spoilers for Season 1 of Squid Recreation.

For recordsdata on Season 2, click on right here.

There’s rather a lot going on for the length of the ending of Netflix’s battle royale thriller Squid Recreation, one thing of a homely between Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar-a success film Parasite—with its physique anxiety trojan horsing a extra advanced message about class battle, stratification, and predation—and Seen.

The sequence follows several “gamers” recruited correct into a multi-day survival sport. The gamers are renditioned to an island and compelled (?) to compete in playground video games, with the winners advancing to the following sport and the losers being shot, stabbed, plummeted, or killed in but another ingenious and grotesque sort.

After six video games, the winner is awarded the monetary amount assigned to all individuals who has been killed—the closing prize being some ₩ 45 billion.

At the end of the sequence, we be taught several issues in regards to the game. We be taught the game has been going on for decades and has featured thousands of contributors. We be taught any such contributors (and winner) is the Entrance Man, brother of detective Hwang Jun-ho—who he shoots and who falls off a cliff (fate unknown). We be taught that the organizer of the video games is in actuality Oh Il-nam (No. 0001), the gentle man. He essentially based the video games with several effectively off traffic after the neighborhood had lose interest with their fortunes and wished to acquire “relaxing.”

We also be taught that regardless of Oh’s demise and the photos Hwang tried to send to his Seoul police companions, the following yr’s video games are in beefy swing. The sequence ends with Seong Gi-hun (No. 0456) determinedly leaving the airport to prevent the organization’s subsequent sport.

Right here’s what it all also can mean.

Who received Squid Recreation?

squid game ending explained


While the persona of the match allowed for a couple of winners (the closing sport, squid sport, is seemingly to play in teams) easiest Seong managed to outlive all six video games. He left the video games as the winner.

How essential is 45.6 billion received?

Seong takes home—by a gold debut card shoved into his mouth—approximately $39 million, which he promptly places correct into a financial institution tale and in no map touches till over a yr after the video games. He then makes exercise of some of the necessary money to repay Cho Sang-woo’s (No. 0218) debt as effectively as rob Kang Sae-byeok’s (No. 0067) brother out of his orphanage, connecting him with Cho’s mother as a foster father or mother.

Moreover for these acts, Seong easy has a extra special amount of earnings for whatever he has deliberate to rob down the organization.

What does the ending mean?

squid game season 2


In a single of the closing scenes, Seong reunites with Oh and learns the gentle man’s role on the wait on of the video games. In the future of the meeting, whereas Oh lies minutes far off from demise, the 2 play one closing sport, making a bet on the fate of a homeless man, himself minutes from demise, below on the motorway.

Oh’s wager: Sooner than hour of darkness no person will stop to abet the man. He is proven flawed. A particular person, who stopped beside the man earlier, returns with police a minute earlier to hour of darkness. Oh dies rapidly after, prompting Seong to ask if he saw—if he saw that he had been flawed.

As low stakes as this closing sport appears to be like, it’ll be one of many perfect of the sequence.

Their wager is one of fine belief. Oh had first requested Seong if he easy retained hope in others after witnessing the manipulation, betrayal, and selfishness demonstrated all over the video games. Seong doesn’t respond, though all over the video games he had tried to in no map abolish but another player. (He even choses Oh for the length of one of many excellent video games in an act now not dissimilar to the actual person on the motorway bending to abet the demise homeless man.) The irony is that the most efficient player Seong choses to betray is Oh—the most efficient player for whom betrayal doesn’t topic; he’s birth air the game. (And, clearly, a extra irony is that earlier to coming into the game, Seong is shown to be one of many extra selfish characters—stealing money from his mother, failing his daughter, and a wonderful deal of others. By the end, even below unsuitable duress, he emerges as the most selfless.)

This battle between egoism (the put self-ardour dictates perfect decision making) and some beget of collaboration/altruism represents the crux now not easiest of the video games themselves—the put one must first employ if the game is competitive or cooperative—but also the inner battle for every player.

It is also, one could perchance grasp, a choice on the root of the instruct’s portrayed earnings inequality. (It’s telling that Oh and his rich traffic, bored with their fortunes, in no map mediate to certainly exercise their money altruistically.)

The coolest beliefs of the extraordinarily effectively off, Squid Recreation leads us to deem, are in actuality egoistic. They also deem that all people shares this ethic, making it acceptable to prey on others. Oh’s closing sport with Seong is essential because it shows that this assumption isn’t necessarily correct. Other folks originate now not constantly act out of self-ardour. Based fully fully on Seong, they also deserve the same medication in return—even if they agree to the violent video games.

Sooner than Oh dies, we be taught that the “VIPs” gambled on the fate of gamers. In the future of the closing scene, Seong tells the organization that folks are now not horses; they might be able to not be treated as such. (We first meet Seong in the launch of the sequence playing on horse races; by the end, he has turned into the horse.)

While he struggled with this egoism vs altruism predicament all over the sequence, Seong is now obvious: the organization’s medication of others is flawed, and the organization will obtain to easy be destroyed.

squid game ending explained


What does the Squid Recreation creator must instruct?

On the sequence in overall, creator and director Hwang Dong-hyuk conceded that his relish glance on human members of the family tends to be extra cynical; nonetheless, he shares the excellent conclusion of his protagonist, who he says he modeled moderately of on himself:

“I deem that we are going to now not jog on living with out belief in other people — unless you settle to originate flawed issues and jog down a unhappy course. Right here’s terribly effectively depicted in the traces of Gi-hun. Correct earlier to the heart of the night battle when he’s impending Sae-byeok […] to come be half of his group. Sae-byeok says, “I don’t belief people.” However to that, Gi-hun says, “You don’t belief people since you shall be ready to; you belief people since you favor to” — which implies, we don’t obtain one thing else to rely on. These traces from Gi-hun are, in actuality, exactly in accordance with my emotions.”

Hwang believes that regardless of the field being “moderately grim,” a world by which it appears to be like very unlikely to belief others, one has to belief anyway. One has to deem that belief is seemingly, that it is worth it.

When Gi-hun turns wait on from his airplane in the closing scene, he is taking a stand against the forces of cynicism, the scheme that grinds you down and forces you to treat others as objects.

Hwang explained the flip:

“That turned into as soon as, in actuality, my strategy of communicating the message that you just mustn’t be dragged alongside by the competitive jog of society, but that you just can obtain to easy launch fascinated about who has created the final scheme — and whether or now not there could be some attainable for you to flip wait on and face it.”

squid game ending explained


What does the ending mean for Season 2?

While a Squid Recreation season 2 hasn’t but been officially announced, the numbers are in—and they also’re staggering. Squid Recreation is heading in the correct route to be the most viewed non-English language tv sequence ever for Netflix. And that’s necessary brooding about Netflix’s other international rupture hits, including Lupin and Money Heist. Squid Recreation will likely turned into one of Netflix’s most winning sequence of all time, length, and that form of viewership potential heaps of received and USD. And heaps of received and USD potential heaps of causes to lengthen the instruct’s shelf existence.

How does the ending of Squid Recreation situation up future seasons? It almost sets up a total franchise.

We easy know cramped in regards to the organization, the historical past of the video games, the guards, the declare draw recruiter, the organ operations, the VIPs, and the man now in charge, the Entrance Man, the brother to detective Hwang Jun-ho—whose fate is also unclear.

In an interview with The Times, Squid Recreation director Hwang Dong-hyuk elaborated on this excellent point, announcing that “one [idea for season 2] could perchance be the story of the Entrance Man.”

The Entrance Man remains one of many most mysterious characters of the sequence. Despite the proven truth that we be taught his identity, we don’t know his historical past: why he participated in a earlier sport (what debt he owed), how he got right here to rob control of operations, and what could perchance need led him to shoot his relish brother.

In but another interview, Wi Ha-joon, who performs that brother, Detective Hwang, stated he’d fancy to salvage extra of the brothers in future seasons. “My hope is that season two comes out, Jun Ho returns alive, and the story with Jun Ho’s brother is resolved effectively,” Wi explained.

Director Hwang appears to be like to agree that both the Entrance Man and police storylines will obtain to easy turned into extra central. He went on to instruct why the Seoul police attitude, particularly, warranted extra camouflage time. “I mediate the problem with cops is now not perfect an argument in Korea. I explore it on the global recordsdata. This turned into as soon as an argument that I wished to elevate. Perchance in season two I will focus on this extra.”

Per chance the police be taught about—and one way or the other profit off—the video games. It could instruct how an operation fancy this could perchance even had been hidden for see you later, given the resolution of abductions and lacking persons.

Males’s Health

For certain, season 2 would also continue with Seong, as he seeks to rob down the video games (and presumably also police corruption).

Even earlier to Seong seeks retaliation, we also can moreover explore a prequel season exhibiting the creation of the game, the major competition, and the recruitment of the guards. We also can be taught extra in regards to the gentle man, the Entrance Man, and the VIPs.

The Squid Recreation universe expands to and fro in time and, if Netflix and the Squid Recreation writers are on board, also can flip correct into a protracted-running sequence.

Joshua St Clair is an editorial assistant at Males’s Health Magazine. 

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