The Gangs of L.A.

A amazing recent portray suggests that in Los Angeles County, sheriff’s deputies make up a pair of of one of the well-known harmful crime syndicates of all.


os Angeles’s most harmful criminal gangs possess quite loads of names — the Banditos, the Executioners, the Wayside Whities — they earn quite loads of turfs, they sport distinctive figuring out tattoos, and so they invent on intense rivalries with one every other. However their people all possess one thing on the total.

They are all Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies.

A recent portray on deputy gangs from the RAND Corporation is, in spite of its antiseptic language, a mode of rare things that simply should be be taught to be believed. It’s a doc that should be studied and preserved.

Cherish the mafias of passe and the Folk Nation/Folks Nation

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