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The Glassie Conceal Protector Exhibits Your Fashion While Your Phone Sleeps

Four phones with artwork displayed on the sleeping screens.

In total, the level of the display cloak cloak protector is to do your mobile phone from terrifying scratches. But one company thinks it would make extra. Glassie’s $39 display cloak cloak protectors repeat a stress-free image to your mobile phone’s describe when it’s off. Wake up your mobile phone, and it’s commercial as peculiar. Pre-orders birth this day, though for now, it’s excellent offering about a picks for iPhones.

Glassie makes utilize of a proprietary “Phantom Printing” course of to infuse a triple-layered tempered glass display cloak cloak protector with an image. The heart layer comprises the image or string of textual content, and severely savor a two-mirror, it excellent reveals when the mobile phone’s describe is off. Flip the display cloak cloak on, and the intense light from your smartphone shines moral by.

Several sleeping phones showing images on their screens.

Down the aspect twin carriageway, you’ll be in a draw to employ custom photography or textual content following some total parameters or employ from one in all many pre-made alternatives. But to begin, the corporate will excellent provide four textual content alternatives, and excellent for iPhones. But see you later as your iPhone is a relatively recent mannequin (every thing from iPhone X to iPhone 12 mini), you’re moral to circulation. You would possibly possibly employ from easy quotes savor, “this day is a moral day” and “constantly be your have sunshine.”

While Glassie says that its printing course of lets you beget every little bit of the display cloak cloak protector, it recommends limiting what you hang (when customization is possible). You’ll catch the excellent outcomes when you duvet about a quarter of the mobile phone’s describe. Extra pre-made alternatives are coming, and the early photography are promising.

While another folks would possibly argue that you just don’t desire a display cloak cloak protector, we obtained’t fault you in the event you employ to err on the aspect of caution. And as prolonged as you spending money on a display cloak cloak protector, why no longer catch one which reveals off a tiny bit model? On the least except you wake your mobile phone. You would possibly possibly pre-speak a Glassie display cloak cloak protector this day, and it will nonetheless lift in in February.

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