‘The Masked Singer’: Your total Clues About the Robopine’s Identification and Who Fans State It Is

The Masked Singer Season 5 is down to its last six (barring the looks to be like of to any extent extra wild card contestants). The Fox‘s whisper silent contains Robopine, the gentle-voiced R&B singer alongside contestants love Sad Swan, Chameleon and the Russian Dolls. The Masked Singer judges receive guessed performers love Will Smith, Jason DeRulo and Jamie Foxx because the most fundamental identity of the Robopine, nonetheless fans remark it is far any other superstar who has labored as an actor and a singer.

Your total clues about Robopine’s identity on The Masked Singer

First clue bundle

  • Futuristic theme, with binary code within the background
  • What he acknowledged: “Scanning. Scanning. Oh, hello there. I would possibly perhaps also fair see prickly, nonetheless function now not be shy. The attach apart I got right here from, I became as soon as compelled to grow thick quills. I became as soon as left to fend for myself, with nothing nonetheless a dream. So, I went on a mission to salvage on Hollywood’s radar. I worn 411 day and evening perfect to salvage a connection. Till a obvious angel acknowledged, ‘hello.’ That random name modified everything. Now, I am on my subsequent mission. And when I if truth be told receive my thoughts situation on something, no one can touch me.”
  • Objects featured: A lock with a key, a spaceship, DNA strands, a soda can, a George Washington statue, a science experiment in a pitcher field.

2nd clues bundle

  • Superhero theme
  • What he acknowledged: “My first performance made every quill on my again arise. I if truth be told were in a funk these days, nonetheless hanging on this prickly, shiny armor and singing my heart out became as soon as exactly what I valuable. I felt love a singing superhero! Sixty years ago, as a cramped piney in Costa Rica, my superheroes were the employees whose job it became as soon as to raise my streets easy. They’d my dream job, nonetheless my life took me on a outlandish route. To for the time being, when I thought them working, I love to pull over and lend a claw. They continually mumble, “Why would a shiny porcupine love you will must salvage your quills dirty with us?” I whisper them they’re the fair superheroes who impressed the work ethic I if truth be told receive carried my complete life, which has gotten me on mountainous stages perfect love this.”
  • Objects featured: Trash can with an hourglass on it, a tag studying “Males Working,” a lightning creep necklace, police sirens and lights, a cat and mouse, a throne, roses and trash.
robopine masked singer
The Robopine on ‘The Masked Singer.’

Third clues bundle

  • Indiana Jones theme
  • What he acknowledged: “The quills are out tonight, and I am prepared to unleash some magic on that stage. I wasn’t sure what to impeach from this masked run. However now I am on a mission to salvage it to the prime. And I know a correct mission because I have been on one my total career. A quest for a obvious golden relic. Or now not it has been an motion-packed, rapid-paced scuttle. I’ve dodged booby traps and so repeatedly my life has almost about crumbled. However I continually escaped because I have been jonesing for that idol. However for now, I am chasing a brand new idol, the golden shroud. Successful this is in a position to also fair be proof that the last relic would possibly perhaps be mine.”
  • Objects featured: A column with a six on it, golden letters studying “MM” and “MW,” a referee doing the hand signals for travelling in basketball, a chalice with a one-greenback invoice.

Fourth clues bundle

  • What he acknowledged: “The panel’s reaction final week touched my heart better than you would possibly perhaps perhaps ever know. I’ve in actuality been battling despair these days, so being right here has if truth be told given me a brand new self belief — particularly in terms of my command. Rising up in my dwelling, it became as soon as tricky on my self-fancy. Man, I worn to love singing within the bathe, nonetheless my family would continually yowl ‘shut up!,’ so I never had the boldness to mosey my needs. Till one summer season, I became as soon as riding my bike, and I performed by a block occasion. My neighbor begged me to mumble in entrance of each person. Man, I became as soon as afraid. However, I took the mic, I closed my eyes, and I perfect went for it. I became as soon as a success! I felt this improbable sense of release, and this whisper is bringing me again to that feeling. I’ve attain from hiding within the again of a bathe curtain to stepping out from a at the again of the curtain curtain, and I am so grateful.”
  • Objects featured: Shrimp one blocks and a rattle with “FP” on it, a Roman statue, a tablecloth and burgers.

Other clues

  • Cluedle-Doo’s clue: “Robopine is expert at now not turning into roadkill”
  • Self-portrait clue: He’s viewed taking half in guitar and wearing a shirt with cobwebs and spiders.
  • Slash Cannon’s Cannon clue: A gloomy t-shirt studying “AKA”
  • Meals provide clue: Lobster. He acknowledged of this, “off the waft of Costa Rica, me and my family salvage heaps of unique-water sea diving. Or now not it is far a family custom that we roughly pride ourselves on.”

Songs conducted

  • First performance: “Never Too Powerful” by Luther Vandross
  • 2nd performance: “All of Me” by John Memoir
  • Third performance: “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack
  • Fourth performance: “Let’s Rating It On” by Marvin Gaye

Who Masked Singer viewers remark the Robopine is

Though one of the most clues were interpreted as relating to Ginuwine, Montell Jordan or Joe, the most neatly-most well-liked wager is Tyrese Gibson, the singer became Rapid & Furious superstar.

Right here are how one of the most most fundamental clues can also sign Tyrese:

  • Binary code in first clue bundle: His character within the Rapid & Furious motion photos is a hacker.
  • “411”: Tyrese Gibson is correct chums with Mary J Blige, who launched the album “What’s the 411?”
  • “A obvious angel”: he starred alongside Angell Conwell in Shrimp one Boy
  • Soda can: Tyrese’s first mountainous gig became as soon as for a Coca-Cola industrial in 1994
  • “Singing superhero”: In 2009, the singer launched Mayhem!, a 3-portion comic book series just a few superhero vigilante
  • “Costa Rica, my superheroes”: Tyrese is determined to superstar in Spider-Man recede-off Morbius. Per its IMDB web page, a quantity of scenes were shot in Costa Rica. Rapid & Furious 6 became as soon as also situation there in portion.
  • Mouse and police siren: Tyrese conducted Milo “Mouse” Jackson within the movie cop movie Sad and Blue.
  • Throne: In 2007, he launched the album Three Kings with Ginuwine and Tank.
  • “A quest for a obvious golden relic”: He has been nominated for six Grammys nonetheless is but to acquire
  • Column with a six: the six within the third clues bundle can also consult with his Grammy noms or the quantity of solo albums he has launched.
  • “Fling packed, rapid-paced scuttle”: One thing Tyrese would know all about from his Rapid & Furious motion photos.
  • Traveling signal: Tyrese owns the company Voltron Run.
  • Shrimp one blocks and a rattle: A reference to Shrimp one Boy and the tune he had on the soundtrack, “Correct a Shrimp one Boy.”
  • Block occasion narrative: The singer advised this narrative in an October 2020 Fb put up
  • Roman statue: He performs Roman within the Rapid & Furious motion photos.
  • Spider shirt: One other conceivable reference to Morbius.
  • “AKA”: He launched an album titled Alter Ego.
  • Lobster: He appeared in a 2017 industrial for Red Lobster.

The Masked Singer Season 5 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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