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The Most Seemingly Squid Sport Theories of Who Survived the Ending

Warning: The following incorporates spoilers for Season 1 of Squid Sport.

Squid Sport reigns supreme on Netflix, taking on the sphere by storm and potentially ruining (or reviving!) playground games for the subsequent two generations of children tech savvy ample to circumvent mom and pa’s parental controls. And for the explanation that first season aired in mid-September, fans are pushing for a brand new season and ingesting up theories adore Seong Gi-hun feverishly licking that Dalgona candy. One in type idea on the 2nd making the rounds entails Ali (performed by Anupam Tripathi). Namely, that he’s alive.

We remaining survey Ali at some stage in sport four, the marbles, when he naively accepts to alternate games with his partner Cho Sang-Woo and then, naively to the energy of ten, lets Cho bewitch his marbles as he wanders the taking part in area scouting the competitors. Smartly, Cho fooled Ali, who finishes the game with out his marbles and is promptly shot within the head by a guard.

Shining? Per chance.

Is Ali alive?

The belief is easy: since we don’t genuinely survey Ali killed onscreen, his fate could perchance very well be comparable to that of Oh Il-nam, the extinct man who we are also made to imagine was once killed after losing the identical sport.

Aloof, we manufacture survey Ali in a casket later that episode, which presents the Ali Is Alive fans lots to conceal away. Aloof, many are upset on the dearth of resolution to his family’s predicament, a storyline we would discover expected to be addressed.

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Bringing Ali encourage, even supposing, would no query be a mistake; it could perchance most likely most likely perchance lower the consequentialist nature of the fourth sport and the emotional choices made by the characters therein. The betrayal of Ali signaled basically the major persona flip within the series with Cho Sang-Woo finishing up what, in sport one, was once merely a gradual homicide of self-preservation. (In sport one, he helps Seong Gi-hun, nonetheless handiest out of guilt. By sport two, he’s willing to mask knowledge from his teammates. In sport four, he has to actively confront and sabotage them.)

The Ali is Alive theories, alternatively, manufacture illustrate considerations with failing to conceal a persona die on conceal—especially within the age of rampant fan theories; knowledge now not shown is knowledge that can even additionally be weak to speculate.

Ali is pointless. There’s no other technique to satisfactorily write it.

Nonetheless justice for his family—c’mon Gi-hun, this one’s on you, bro.

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Who else is alive?

If Squid Sport is to continue into season 2—and retract up chronologically after the season 1 finale—we could perchance survey the return of now not lower than one beforehand-belief-pointless persona.

That persona will likely be detective Hwang Jun-ho, who was once shot by his brother, obsolete winner of the game and Entrance Man, on the finish of the first season.

Males’s Health

Hwang is both a persona we don’t genuinely survey die and also one whose backstory seems underexplored. His brother will continue to be a foremost persona, and it seems natural to attach the stress between the siblings.

Search info from an ocean resurrection if Squid Sport goes to season 2.

Joshua St Clair is an editorial assistant at Males’s Health Magazine. 

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