The next James Bond: 10 stars who could presumably well take over from Daniel Craig

No Time to Die still shot

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It’s a lengthy time since we’ve needed to speculate in earnest in regards to the identity of the next James Bond.

Of the six actors to recognize played 007 in the official sequence, no person’s done it longer than Daniel Craig. Genuinely, when he hangs up his Walther PPK after the lengthy-delayed No Time To Die, it’ll be 15 years since he first wore the tuxedo in Casino Royale. And while Sean Connery and Roger Moore every headlined more movies, the Craig technology will walk down as one in all the finest, with every Casino Royale and Skyfall deserving to be ranked alongside the 59-twelve months-conventional franchise’s most sensible. That formula that whoever gets the gig because the next James Bond actor has some wide footwear to agree with.

In accordance to tradition when a 007 wide name departs, the rumor mill is now in overdrive, as followers and media stores in the end of the enviornment strive to 2nd bet the set producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson – the keepers of the Bond flame – will walk next. Will they walk youthful, with a Jason Bourne-vogue motion hero as they did for Casino Royale? Or will they be having a learn about a wide name who can quip with the most sensible of them, in the tradition of Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan?

Traditionally talking, when you happen to’re a male actor with a first price show veil veil profile, who can pull off a ample English accent, and are aged between 30 and 50, likelihood is your name will doubtless be mentioned in conversations in regards to the next James Bond. And this time out, we can ask the skill search to be a long way more various than previously, with actors of color and females now coming into the combo – although, occurring Broccoli’s feedback closing twelve months, a female Bond aloof looks no longer going.

“[James Bond] could presumably well even be of any color, but he’s male,” producer Barbara Broccoli told Differ in 2020. “I believe about we must be creating new characters for females – solid female characters. I’m no longer particularly attracted to taking a male persona and having a woman play it. I internet females are a long way more attention-grabbing than that.”

So with Daniel Craig’s final mission for queen and country landing in UK theaters on September 30 (October 8 in the US), we’ve picked out 10 of the main candidates to be the next James Bond.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy in Capone.

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The latest celebrated with the bookmakers has lengthy been held up as a likely successor to Daniel Craig, and it’s easy to glimpse why – Hardy looks steady in a swimsuit, has charisma to spare, and has a wide Hollywood profile. However, there’s minute on his resumé suggests he’d want to be the next James Bond – he’s an actor with a historical past of idiosyncratic profession picks, with even his blockbuster roles (Eddie Brock in Venom, Eames in Inception, Bane in The Unlit Knight Rises) leaning in direction of the eccentric. Genuinely, it’s exciting to take into consideration him taking half in a position as by-the-e book as 007.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in Man of Steel.

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Having narrowly overlooked out to Daniel Craig earlier than Casino Royale, the 38-twelve months-conventional Man of Steel wide name stays a number one contender to be the next James Bond. He’s already proved he looks the section as a secret agent in every The Man from UNCLE and Mission: Impossible: Fallout, and told GQ in 2020 that he would “fully soar at the opportunity”. However with The Witcher a critical commitment – and the opportunity of taking half in Superman again aloof inaugurate – will he recognize the time?

Idris Elba

Idris Elba as Luther

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Like Hardy, Elba is one other wide name now connected to 007 by default. And having taken roles in the Wonder Cinematic Universe (the Thor movies), the DC Extended Universe (The Suicide Squad), the Alien franchise (Prometheus) and Pacific Rim, his blockbuster credentials are past reproach. Whereas he’d positively be vivid in the position, nonetheless, the wide query mark over Elba is his age. At 49, he’s unprejudiced four years youthful than Daniel Craig, and you may want to presumably well need got to wonder if the producers will want to commit to a number one man who’d be in his mid-to-unhurried fifties by the time his third movie came around.

Regé-Jean Web page

Best Netflix shows


If we were penning this when No Time to Die used to be at the inspiration slated to advance out in March 2020, the query on each person’s lips would recognize been, “Regé-Jean who?” Since then, nonetheless, his starring position in Bridgerton (Netflix’s biggest brand ever) has grew to turn into him into one in all the freshest expertise on the planet – and a frontrunner to play the next James Bond. He’s now signed up to play the lead position in a movie reboot of Leslie Charteris’s survey thriller The Saint, but don’t ask that to stand in the formula of Bond if Broccoli and Wilson safe he’s their man. Besides, Roger Moore played the Saint sooner than his lengthy-working stint as 007, so there is a precedent.

James Norton

James Norton in The Nevers.

(Image credit: HBO / Keith Bernstein)

When conversations originate in regards to the identity of the next James Bond, there’s on the total just a few British network TV stars in the combo. The main contender this time out (in the eyes of the bookmakers, no longer lower than) is James Norton, who’s turn into a wide name in the UK thanks to Overjoyed Valley, Grantchester, McMafia and Battle & Peace. No subject a number one position in HBO’s The Nevers, nonetheless, his cramped Hollywood profile could presumably well depend in opposition to him – something that will presumably even be stated of Poldark’s Aidan Turner.

Henry Golding

Crazy Rich Asians

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Since his breakout position in Loopy Rich Asians, Golding’s profession has most sensible headed in a single direction – up. With roles in rom-com Remaining Christmas and GI Joe crawl-off Snake Eyes, he’s clearly on Hollywood’s radar, and – crucially – also looks to be attracted to the position. “It is the opportunity for commerce,” he told the Guardian. “Be it female, male, bi, homosexual, straight, trans, Asian, murky, Latina… Now is the time in historical past the set it doesn’t subject. That is per chance the most fabulous feeling. So the potentialities are unending.” His stint as a presenter on the BBC’s The Commute Screen must even be steady preparation for all that globetrotting.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Marvel's Loki season 1

(Image credit: Photograph courtesy of Wonder Studios. ©Wonder Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.)

One more wide name who looks to suit the 007 like a glove – Hiddleston even went to the same college, although Bond used to be expelled from Eton School for his misdemeanours. The Loki wide name proved his espionage likely in vivid BBC drama The Night time Supervisor, and would positively be a bankable lead – but, after a decade in the Wonder Cinematic Universe (and Loki aloof a going tell), would he if truth be told want to tie himself to one other mega-franchise? Wonder co-wide name Benedict Cumberbatch could presumably recognize equivalent disorders with the position.

Richard Madden

best netflix shows - bodyguard

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He could presumably well no longer recognize made it past the third season of Sport of Thrones, but the ragged King in the North hasn’t let the occasions of the Red Wedding stand in his scheme. He’s about to fabricate his blockbuster debut as a god-like superhuman in Wonder’s Eternals, but his wide 007 calling card is positively his position in hit 2018 Brit drama Bodyguard (created by Line of Responsibility’s Jed Mercurio). If the producers need their next James Bond to punctuate the motion with scenes of intense brooding, Madden could presumably well very well be their guy.

Tom Ellis


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A a bit leftfield risk for the next James Bond, admittedly, but Tom Ellis does recognize a while on his palms now that Lucifer has in the end, definitively advance to an demolish on Netflix. Playing the Devil in LA in the end of six seasons, Ellis proved he has suaveness in spades, and if the producers safe they want to ramp up the Roger Moore-vogue archness, we can’t internet of a higher candidate.

Lashana Lynch

Lashana Lynch in No Time to Die

(Image credit: MGM)

She’s no longer essentially the next James Bond, but it looks Captain Wonder wide name Lynch will be the next 007 – her No Time to Die persona Nomi has reportedly inherited the codename from the exiled Bond. We’ve already seen from the trailers that she’s every bit her predecessor’s equal, so – while Barbara Broccoli’s feedback counsel there obtained’t be a female Bond – there’s no motive Nomi couldn’t front a crawl-off movie situation in the same universe because the Bond franchise. Genuinely, the important thing counting in opposition to her is that completely different double-0 agents in Bond movies are inclined to recognize a very low life-expectancy.

No Time to Die is in theaters from September 30 in the UK and October 8 in the US.

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