The O’Tooles Are Investigating Billy’s Demise On Households Of The Mafia

On July 14, 2019, Households of the Mafia patriarch Billy O’Toole changed into found deceased in his Staten Island dwelling. And when Season 2 returns, his family is mourning their loss as they seek recommendation from his grave.

“He is long gone — he is de facto long gone,” his daughter Taylor states in the sneak look for, above, as Billy’s relatives earn round his final resting intention.

And the total family is banding collectively to originate an investigation as they develop suspicious that Billy’s explanation for death wasn’t suicide. How does a non-public investigator react when he is told in regards to the explanation for death being sure so immediate? And what’s Jess’ response when she is faced alongside with her ex-husband’s autopsy file? Peek the extended sneak look for clip that comprises all of the Households of the Mafia, and abolish now not omit the season premiere on Thursday at 9/8c.

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