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The Twisty Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Ending, Outlined

The following story contains spoilers for the ending of Cowboy Bebop Season 1.

For it be subsequent trick, Netflix is bringing about a aged genre favorites—sci-fi and western—together, adapting the liked anime Cowboy Bebop to dwell-lag. The hope, we presume, is that a unique model of that identical story of dwelling bounty hunters and a mysterious past will get dangle of the identical magic; the authentic Bebop became once released bigger than 20 years ago, and the fandom remains as committed as ever.

And while the reaction to the sequence up to now has been polarizing, there’s runt seek recordsdata from that the dwell-lag Cowboy Bebop ends in a say where viewers who get dangle of themself into this can also merely moreover be very alive to for Season 1. The uncover does a cozy job of bringing all of its free threads together for a huge finale that pays those threads off—no longer prolonged sooner than throwing those threads out the window, shuffling its deck and making exciting for what might perhaps presumably well stop up being a fair correct extra thrilling season 2.

Cowboy Bebop feels, in quite a lot of methods, take care of the major post-Mandalorian uncover. Fancy the aged westerns each presentations seem like modeled on, Cowboy Bebop mostly takes on an episodic, story-of-the-week structure. While there’s an overarching thread that links all the pieces together—and makes for tension that pays off within the finale—great of the uncover’s substance is accessible in character moments, where Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Sunless (Mustafa Shakir), and Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda) develop together while managing to own a idea for regardless of bounty is in their sights at that given moment.

So, due to this fact, it be no longer neat laborious to recap where the entire story stands sooner than the very stop of the season. In a nutshell: Spike and Jet are partners, and Faye later catches on with them after about a coincidental scurry-ins. Spike has a mysterious past that Jet would no longer be taught about (the two linked up and began working together after Spike saved Jet’s life). This past? Spike venerable to be a hitman for the mysterious Syndicate, a criminal offense group scurry by a board of three elders.

cowboy bepop l to r alex hassell as vicious and john cho as spike spiegel of cowboy bepop cr geoffrey shortnetflix © 2021


Your entire within the meantime, we take a look at in at some stage within the season with a simultaneous storyline alive to on the aforementioned syndicate. Potentially the most critical figures listed below are an unhinged, violent man with prolonged white hair named Vicious (Alex Hassell) and his accomplice, Julia (Elena Satine). Vicious is energy-hungry, nevertheless ceaselessly set apart into say by the Syndicate’s elders, indubitably one of whom is printed to be his father. We moreover be taught after no longer great time that Spike’s aged title is Courageous, and he’s believed unnecessary by the Syndicate after Vicious tried to execute him (moreover in this flashback episode: an especially badass sequence that in general finds John Cho going paunchy John Wick). Courageous/Spike, you look, had a admire connection with Julia, and this made Vicious very, very jealous. Vicious suggested Spike that Julia chose to be with Vicious, despite their spark. When Spike survived the strive on his life, he determined to begin a unique life below a unique title.

Here is potentially a stunning time for me to admit that I’m a unique fan to the Cowboy Bebop world. Completely there’s extra context on hand in other locations with regard to the already-established anime story, and it be indubitably doable that in the end I make the leap and investigate cross-take a look at the entire thing (I’ve completely ever considered the major episode). However for the functions of this story and this breakdown, I’m going completely on what I’ve considered within the uncover and a rudimentary notion of the anime.

So, that being acknowledged, there’s serene masses to discuss. Let’s salvage into it.

Who became once that child on the stop of Cowboy Bebop Season 1?

cowboy bebop ending explained ed


Potentially the seek recordsdata from you’re most wondering: who became once the child who found Spike on the very stop of the season? As I made determined above, I’m removed from an knowledgeable on the Cowboy Bebop anime—I haven’t watched, nevertheless presumably will within the advance future—nevertheless I lift out know that the child featured within the ending right here is Ed—paunchy title Edward “Radical Ed” Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV—a classic character from the Cowboy Bebop anime.

After an unspecified period of time has handed after Spike’s unceremonious parting with Jet Sunless (and inexplicable survival of being shot and falling from a very high distance), our hero is exiting a bar and is reasonably inebriated. So inebriated, if fact be told, that he passes out, falling on his have face in a succor alley. And in that succor alley, an outlandish declare shouts his title: “SPIKE! SPIKE SPIEGEL!”

cowboy bebop ed


Ed, appears to be like, and says he has a bounty that Spike—a renowned bounty hunter—can support him with. He references each “The Butterfly Man” and “Volaju”; these are references to Vincent Volaju, a villain within the anime who will clearly be a key character in Season 2, if there’s one.

Spike Spiegel’s Ending

cowboy bebop ending explained


Let’s backpedal some right here. From the moment earlier within the season that Vicious found out Courageous/Spike became once alive, you knew there became once going to be drama. When Julia found out he became once alive, clearly that became once going to type in direction of one thing as nicely. And this al comes together in a first-rate capacity within the finale.

After an account fight between Vicious and “Courageous”—the two who once thought to be one one more brothers—Spike is the last man standing when Julia shoots Vicious. However right here’s where our first twist comes: pretty than looking for to tear away with Spike and tear on with life, Julia wants to protect, salvage rid of Vicious, and scurry the Syndicate. She’s mad at Spike for no longer pursuing her all these years, and leaving her to endure by the palms of that mad man.

The years possess done their misery; Julia is just not any longer the identical person she became once when she and Spike first met. She would no longer desire a chuffed ending; take care of the femme fatale she’s ceaselessly been put up as, she’s now grabbing on the energy she is conscious of she will be able to be able to salvage (extra on that a bit of below). While she’s thought lovingly about Spike for a indubitably prolonged time, this expertise has changed her, and he or she now feels take care of she wants to fend for herself. She would no longer belief somebody, and why ought to serene she? She says that Spike is a dream she wants to wake up from, and shoots him. He falls by means of the window into a body of water. Spike, presumed unnecessary again? Appears to be like to be take care of his resting say.

Jet Sunless’s Ending

jet black cowboy bebop


Awful Jet Sunless. Earlier than I salvage into any character stuff, I lift out stunning are looking to disclose that Mustafa Shakir is in general good in this selection; he’s bought that gruff exterior, nevertheless namely by the stop of the sequence you lift out salvage the principle that that he cares about the folk in his orbit, and feels wound when the life round him strikes on with out him.

Which is a stunning segue to where we tear away Jet. His daughter, Kimmie, has been saved from Vicious and the Syndicate’s clutches with the support of Spike and Faye, they every now and then’re succor together temporarily. However Kimmie’s mom and stepdad advance soon, and Jet Sunless is left momentarily by myself. Faye Valentine, who’s was stunning as shut with Jet as Spike became once sooner than her arrival, has to tear away to protect out some self-discovery (we will salvage there). And Jet feels completely betrayed by Spike; he thought his accomplice became once a battle hero, nevertheless he’s indubitably a used criminal hitman. Stark distinction!

So unlucky Jet, such man with a ton of heat and opt to fragment, is left by myself. Faye is off on a unique lag, and he has no particular hobby in seeing Spike. Their future is succor together as a gang, nevertheless it indubitably’l be a prolonged time till we salvage there.

Faye Valentine’s Ending

faye valentine cowboy bebop ending


Faye’s conclusion in Season 1 is a cap on her entire first season. What we be taught about Faye is that “Faye Valentine” is just not any longer her right title; she became once frozen, and aroused from sleep with total amnesia. She is conscious of who she is, nevertheless she would no longer know who she is. That’s till she finds a video cassette of herself in her formative years; she makes use of some expertise, and a runt bit snooping to establish the topic of the video, and moreover hears the declare of her right, biological mom (she previously thought to be a con artist a “mom figure” as section of We’re The Millers-esque scams, nevertheless that’s no longer reasonably the identical).

She heads out to take into fable for this past at Jet Sunless’s encouragement.

Julia and Vicious’ Ending

cowboy bebop julia vicious ending


Julia and Vicious get dangle of themselves in in general the alternative positions of where they began all of this. With the Elders all unnecessary, Vicious thought he became once claiming adjust of the Syndicate for himself, and putting off Courageous would stunning be a stop on his road to glory. That did no longer tear as planned. He survived being shot by Julia, nevertheless she’s now energy hungry—as we heard sooner than she shot Spike—and has him locked up in a boiler room.

She’ll protect him alive (for now), and presumably even technically accountable. As she elements out, no one can look the Elders (undergo in mind Vicious’ father and his sizable conceal). So if Julia is stunning the declare of the Elders, and he’s locked up for no one else to investigate cross-take a look at or hear, nicely, that’s advanced luck for ol’ Vicious.

For funzies, it appears to be like take care of Julia is going to play a runt bit sport of Russian Roulette with Vicious on each day basis. Why no longer? Can no longer mediate of an even bigger candidate for that vogue of sport, huh? If Cowboy Bebop lands a Season 2, these are two characters we’re very desperate to look at succor in on.

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