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The WandaVision Episode 7 Post-Credits Scene, Defined

The next memoir accommodates spoilers for WandaVision Episode 7.

  • WandaVision Episode 7 featured the point to’s first post-credits scene—a Surprise Cinematic Universe signature.
  • The scene used to be without a doubt welcomed. On the other hand it asks hundreds of questions and offers very tiny solutions.
  • Mostly, we’re exact infected for subsequent week. However right here’s a stab at what all went down.

    Ever since Reduce Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) suggested Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) that he wanted to hunt the advice of with him about The Avenger Initiative components attend in 2008, the post-credits stinger scene has been a signature transfer of the Surprise Cinematic Universe. What a greater components to tease what’s subsequent to attain attend? WandaVision, the MCU’s first foray into streaming assortment on Disney+, did now not give into the post-credits scene temptation for its first six episodes, but couldn’t maintain out any longer after Episode 7, giving followers a dinky little bit of catnip to procure at for the next six days except the penultimate episode.

    The scene takes anguish no longer prolonged after Agnes (Kathryn Hahn)—who used to be published to be Agatha Harkness, manipulating and interfering with events of the assortment all along—broke up the war of phrases between Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) on Wanda’s entrance lawn.

    While we saw what came about when Agnes took Wanda into her condominium, the post-credits scene shows us what came about open air. Monica, ever the investigator, ran over to Agnes’ condominium to stumble on what used to be going on. She inspected the driveway and the storage, finding nothing, before giving components to her basement doorways. She opened them, seeing a bunch of purple ravishing magic witch stuff (excuse the lack of fair appropriate diction, but that’s what it appears to be like enjoy!).

    Her eyes ravishing along with her newfound powers, Monica used to be doubtlessly exact as puzzled with seeing all of this as we were when a reveal to her left started talking. “Snooper’s gonna snoop,” a possessed “Pietro” (Evan Peters) said into her ear, clearly below Agatha’s affect. Monica turned her head, and the scene cuts to dim. We will see you subsequent week, the Surprise Cinematic overlords dispute us.

    So what’s in actuality going down right here?

    This credits scene form of serves as a second episode cliffhanger (after our colossal Agatha Harkness converse), in preference to any form of colossal revelation. Most importantly, though, we’ll doubtlessly internet Monica and Wanda imprisoned, tied up, no topic, within the the same anguish. And presumably at that point Wanda will realize that they are on the the same aspect.

    However what about Pietro?

    Surprise Studios

    Ah, sure. Pietro. Or must we are asserting “Pietro”? That is the colossal mystery right here, is now not it? Earlier within the episode, Wanda suggested Tommy and Billy that the person they notion used to be their uncle used to be no longer, in actuality, their uncle. And, with that end of episode converse, she used to be proved appropriate: we saw the Pietro at Wanda’s door possessed with Agatha’s purple magic. And that makes sense, given that he perceived to be snooping for data within the attend end of Episode 6.

    Silent, though, it makes us shock how Agatha conjured up this version of Pietro (“Pietro”) into Westview. Our most sharp bet? Or no longer it’s no longer Pietro Maximoff, Wanda’s brother from the MCU, but it without a doubt is Peter Maximoff, the Quicksilver of FOX’s X-Men movies. Agatha may per chance per chance presumably also grasp conjured him up from a particular universe—ensuing from our Pietro is slow, after all—and filled his head with the entire information she may per chance per chance presumably also internet about Wanda’s unhurried brother. All while conserving him below her oversight, needless to express. How did she conjure him up? Correctly…

    What’s within the basement?

    wandavision post credits scene episode 7

    Surprise Studios

    Simply seek files from. Damn gleaming seek files from. Basically: who the hell knows? However let’s take grasp of a shot at hour of darkness right here. We saw the basement crammed with all kinds of magic, purple-colored branches, and a few form of locked-up, enchanted book.

    We also saw Señor Scratchy down there, a return from an early-season episode, and the bunny used to be being pet by Agnes.

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    Put these items together, mixed with the sooner-episode reference to Nexus—Scarlet Witch is a Nexus Being, that methodology she can wander as herself within worlds and dimensions—and there would seem like of venture that Agnes’ basement is a pair of form of portal to the multiverse. Did she exhaust a spell from the book to conjure up the “Pietro” from one other world—Peter, from the X-Men world—to continue her prolonged con on Wanda?

    Let’s also take into checklist that bunny’s title. Señor Scratchy. SS. Stephen Extraordinary. Did the gleaming Doctor grasp a shedding fight against Agatha before we even saw, and wind up transformed into a bunny? Toddler steps, all of us know. However exact tossing it obtainable. Simply tossing it obtainable.

    Let’s exact fetch to subsequent week and open answering some more of these questions, lets?

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