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The What If…? Season 1 Ending Has More Going On Than You Realize

The following memoir accommodates spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Surprise’s What If…?, titled “What If…The Watcher Broke His Stammer?”

For nearly all of the first season of What If…?, those of us staring at were all wondering the identical factor: how is this all going to join? And while we composed do now not know moderately how—or if?—Surprise Studios’ first foray into animation will join with the greater are living-motion storyline of the Surprise Cinematic Universe, we did fetch some definitive answers within the Season 1 finale, “What If…The Watcher Broke His Oath?,” and it made for a cohesive season conclusion.

Nearly about all of our stops from the season came reduction in systems that made natural and natural sense. With the formation of the Guardians of the Multiverse—consisting of Captain Carter, Darkish Doctor Weird and wonderful, Occasion Thor, Star-Lord T’Challa, Gamora (who used to be speculated to be in an episode with Tony Stark that as yet some other bought pushed to Season 2, explaining her roughly random appearance), Final Lady Alive Black Widow, and Extra Sinister Killmonger—we bought a crew The Watcher knew can also defeat this over-powered version of Ultron. And in a stuffed episode (35 minutes), we bought a form of fun and even extra motion.

So, with all that acknowledged, there are composed doubtlessly a pair burning questions that you would per chance even were wondering about.

doctor strange the watcher what if

Surprise Studios

Why did The Watcher capture Killmonger for the Guardians of the Multiverse?

That is a sexy question! From the second The Watcher displays up and plucks the nasty and scheming (and spurious to his Black Panther characterization) Killmonger out of his fact, it roughly leaves you wondering, uh, why the hell he grabbed a depraved man to fight alongside a bunch of heroes.

And you form of rationalize it to your head all alongside. Properly, OK, I bet he is in most cases a version of Black Panther, sexy?

killmonger what if

Surprise Studios

But by the pause, when Killmonger by no draw finally did all that grand to support, it turns into determined why The Watcher introduced him in; it be now now not on legend of he used to be feigning as a hero, but on legend of he knew he would strive to betray every person else. When Natasha veteran Clint’s Arnim Zola virus arrow to homicide Ultron, Killmonger instant jumped to motion, attempting to understand strength from the Infinity Stones (and Zola) to capture for himself. (We should always composed add, that now now not less than Killmonger’s motivation here—our heroes using the power of the Infinity Stones to support their of us—is extra in line alongside with his Black Panther character, as against his standalone episode, which largely seen him as nasty for the sake of being nasty.)

Zola used to be now now not attracted to this, and the 2 in most cases bought into Surprise’s version of a stand-off, which resulted in Darkish Doctor Weird and wonderful shooting each and every of them within the pocket dimension he created in his episode earlier within the season, “sacrificing himself” within the midst of.

A dialogue between Weird and wonderful and The Watcher later made it determined—The Watcher wasn’t having a discover about for a hero. He used to be having a discover about for someone who would separate the Infinity Stones, and capture away that inter-dimensional likelihood. And that required two egotistical villains, and one hero having a discover about for redemption.

What exactly befell with Natasha/Black Widow?

One other sexy question. But fortunately this one is a pretty easy solution. Natasha, having seen the possibilities of other universes, would now not wish to head reduction to hers. All of her guests, including Clint, are pointless (at Ultron’s hands). After a conversation with Uatu, he in most cases decides, effectively, I broke my oath as soon as already today time, so what’s one extra?

black widow what if the watcher

Surprise Studios

He drops her in on a universe that wants a Black Widow—the one where Hank Pym killed most of the Avengers—and she or he teams up with a Captain The United States and Sever Fury who’re taking on a Loki mid-invasion. A joyful (busy, hands fleshy scuffling with) ending for this Natasha. And she or he wouldn’t need it some other draw.

What does Peggy discovering the Hydra Stomper Mean?

marvel what if  hydra stomper

Surprise Studios

At the beginning, you would per chance doubtlessly declare that the put up-credit scene of Natasha displaying her BFF, Peggy, that she’s chanced on the Hydra Stomper—with Steve Rogers inner—in storage is a great minute nod to Steve and Peggy’s joyful ending and first dance at the pause of Avengers: Endgame.

But, of us, here’s What If…?. Issues in this articulate are now now not that super, and surely now now not that good. If you be aware reduction to that first episode, you would per chance take dangle of that Steve in that memoir in most cases followed down the path at the beginning traveled by Bucky Barnes in Captain The United States: The First Avenger. He used to be the one who fell off the practice at the pause of that climactic battle, meaning he used to be likely the one experimented on by Arnim Zola and HYDRA.

So does that mean a Hydra Stomper Steve, chanced on somehow within the present-day, is now a brainwashed assassin? Uh, we’re now now not gonna rule that one out! “What If…Steve Rogers Became as soon as the Wintry weather Soldier?” has a pretty sexy Season 2 ring to it.

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