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This Cyclist Became as soon as Suggested He’s Too Colossal to Slump—So He Upped His Energy Numbers

Age: 36

Occupation: Truck driver

Fatherland: Unusual Jersey

Time Cycling: 5 years

Reason for biking: To safe stronger and more fit—and to maneuver.

When Kamil Kurylo first started fervent by cyclocross, his teammate advised him that at 200 kilos, he became as soon as too worthy to maneuver. But when he requested the Unusual Jersey Cyclocross Cup Facebook Crew if that became as soon as appropriate, he became as soon as met with better than 60 responses—all particular.

“Secure accessible and skills it, celebrate, I’m certain you would per chance throw down the watts!”

“Your teammate is hilariously misinformed.”

“I’m 230 and safe roasted every time I’ve raced. I love the game.”

“I’ve considered some worthy boys who can recede for certain. It’s vitality and methodology.”

Kurylo’s subsequent query: “What bike can bask in to I safe?”

Right here’s how this truck driver grew to change into a extra severe rider, specializing in upping the vitality facet of the vitality-to-weight ratio without stressing the burden.

I started riding in 2015 to race back and forth to work, and I loved it so mighty that I began to make a choice it extra seriously. I realized that I favored to prepare, but I desired to bask in a goal to possess motivated. So I began to secret agent at explicit races, and I came all the arrangement by technique of criteriums (crits). I figured crits made per chance the most sense for me because they’re largely flat—at 200 kilos, I’m no longer going to be a climber, but I’d be shipshape about racing tactically, and I in point of truth bask in a form of vitality.

I started racing the Rockleigh Criterium Sequence in 2017, and I became as soon as absolutely bent. I don’t know what it became as soon as exactly, I correct cherished the adrenaline and community.

After I started riding, I weighed 230 kilos, and correct biking wasn’t helping me drop some weight—I needed to invent some changes in my weight reduction map as effectively. I tried the Keto weight reduction map and whereas it helped me lose 30 kilos, I learned that after I started racing, I had nothing in my legs, no energy to position out vitality. So, I re-launched carbs to my weight reduction map. Since then, I’ve stayed regular at 200 kilos with consistent coaching and eating healthy. I’m attempting to eat a extra plant-based fully weight reduction map now, too.

Training is difficult to fit round a busy work agenda, but I’ve learned the glorious technique to invent it happen. I both prepare early or I prepare in my truck. Sure, that’s lawful: in my truck. Autos bask in a entire bunch room internal, so I removed passenger seat and set apart my Wahoo coach in there, and I discontinue my intervals whereas my truck will get unloaded. It works out perfectly, and it’s in point of truth efficient. This year, I started adding extra biking-based fully energy work—I feeble to be a gymnasium rat, so this came gorgeous without agonize!

kamil kurylo

Kurylo’s bike setup in his truck.


I’ve continued to maneuver crits, and learned that I can discontinue effectively, particularly if I can resolve programs that kind no longer bask in a form of corners. Corners are restful a mighty fragment of racing for me, but I prepare in the offseason, and it’s a significant goal of mine to improve at them. I in point of truth bask in learned the glorious technique to expend my vitality to my relieve. I know that I bask in to set energy to be as original as conceivable on the halt of the recede. Every recede, I remind myself if I investigate cross-test better than 800 watts ahead of the halt of the recede, which device I’m doing something defective. I strive to bask in lower vitality numbers all the arrangement by technique of the recede—then I’m going as no longer easy as I can to the discontinue.

My coaching hours didn’t change mighty after I started racing, but I did safe a bit extra centered. And in the closing year, I realized that quantity is well-known for me, so I’m attempting to lag extra. I admit, my popular exercises are Zwift races, but for me, they are counterproductive in the offseason. I love short, punchy intervals, and I don’t love long sweet web web page or threshold races—this might well perhaps display why I love crits, and why cyclocross sounds so fun.

I’m infected to strive cyclocross this year. I’ve been looking out at extra of the races whereas I’m on the coach, and they secret agent love so mighty fun. It also appears to be like safer than crits, actually. And the community appears to be like in point of truth welcoming.

I became as soon as joyful to hear the total particular feedback from the Facebook group, because I in point of truth bask in a feeling that I will in point of truth skills those races in mud. The safe community in biking is mountainous; I love talking about coaching and racing and nutrition, and I’ve learned that there are a form of folks accessible who in point of truth feel the identical device.

What I’ve learned in the closing few years is that you in total is a 200-plus-pound sofa potato, otherwise you would be 200 kilos of pure vitality. Racing and training will invent you stronger and more fit, no topic the burden. And that’s a extremely significant thing for folk to attain.

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