This duck got a 3D printed prosthetic leg


Waddles the duck became born with a mangled left foot. The proprietor determined to blueprint one thing about that and had a Licensed Pet Prostheticist from Bionic Pets fit him with this 3D printed prosthetic.

A Duck name Waddles has a mangled left leg and his proprietor needs to greater his quality of life by giving him a prosthetic leg.

I am a substantial tough guy nonetheless I essentially would essentially like to confess it warmed my coronary heart to plan Waddles the duck finally waddling round alongside with his prosthetic. I comprehend or no longer it’s devoted a duck, nonetheless I notify that it’s doubtless you’ll maybe maybe in fact include him smiling with pleasure when he finally starts walking. More or much less like when my grandpa got his walker, with the exception of the duck didn’t head straight to a strip club alongside with his current chanced on mobility.

Preserve going for the lovable clip from NatGeo Wild.

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