This guy caught a GoPro and 360 digicam interior a dishwasher


Warped Perception caught a GoPro and a 360 digicam interior a dishwasher to evaluate about honest what the heck is going down in there whereas you press play. Wait, no, no longer “play”. Wash? If you press…dishwash.

I put a GoPro and a 360 Digicam interior a Dishwasher so we can peep how the dishwasher works whereas it runs thru all of the cycles throughout a wash with detergent, in stout 4k, and from the 360 digicam… Mainly I used to be once truly uncommon about how the dish soap gets dispensed which I have not ever seen on video earlier than.

If you invent no longer are looking for to dash seeking the video I’m in a position to summarize it: water sprays round. And, uh, that’s about it. Also, this guy has fully no thought load a dishwasher and by honest watching him attain it my girlfriend started yelling at me.

Assist going for the stout video. Yes, you almost no doubt already know what’s going down on in there but now you may maybe maybe know for particular.

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