This Is No Typical Golf Sport

An illustration for the newly-announced game Cursed to Golf, showing a cartoon golfer and spooky otherworldly characters.

Moral due to it’s purgatory doesn’t mean it’ll’t be enjoyable.
Illustration: Chuhai Labs

Some of us play golf due to they revel in walking around in elated apparel on a heat summer time day. Others revel in the enviornment of placing a runt ball in a runt cup using a stick. In Cursed to Golf, coming to PC and Switch in 2022 from developer Chuhai Labs, you golf to flee an eternity in golf purgatory. Clearly, that’s the handiest purpose to golf.

Thunderful Publishing and Chuhai Labs call Cursed to Golf a golf fancy, which is amazingly advanced. They additionally call it a golf roguelike, which clears issues up a little, nonetheless now now not too noteworthy. Most continuously you, the player, are appropriate variety about to provide the winning shot at a essential golf match while you are struck by lightning. Killed straight away, you look your self trapped in the otherworldly golf purgatory, which I without a doubt delight in to pick out is where you quit up while you’re too appropriate variety for golf hell nonetheless too unsuitable for golf heaven. I additionally delight in to pick out that harmless little one golfers who die additionally quit up in golf purgatory, nonetheless that’s an existential crisis for all over but once more.

A screnshot from Cursed to Golf showing a golf hole filled with spike and water hazards.

Moral fancy proper golf that you may additionally delight in a club, a ball, and lethal spikes.
Screenshot: Chuhai Labs

Long memoir instant, you’ve obtained to win the golf purgatory match in repeat to flee the cursed airplane. There are 18 holes spread across four diverse biomes. Each and each gap has a space desire of pictures that you may additionally pick. Obvious the outlet at or below par and that you may additionally scoot on. Fling over, and it’s support to the starting of the direction.

As that you may additionally doubtlessly converse from the screenshots and trailer, here’s no odd golf sport. It’s extra of a aspect-scrolling golf puzzle sport, where getting a shot appropriate variety appropriate variety can space off explosives, certain blocked paths, and extra. There are energy-ups. There are uncommon, mystical beings. And there’s hundreds hitting a ball with a stick.

G/O Media might perhaps well also get a price

While we wait for subsequent year’s free up of Cursed to Golf for the PC and Switch, test out creator Liam Edwards long-established belief for the sport over on itch.io to gape how noteworthy enjoyable golfing for the fate of your everlasting soul can even be.

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