‘Tiger King’ Zookeeper Erik Cowie’s Remains Claimed By Household, No Memorial

‘Tiger King’ Zookeeper Erik Cowie
Remains Claimed By Fam, No longer Jeff Lowe
… Zoo Memorial Scrapped

9/20/2021 1: 00 AM PT

“Tiger King” zookeeper Erik Cowie‘s body became once no longer picked up by Jeff Lowe as planned … as a substitute, any individual claiming to be Erik’s relative bought the stays from the scientific examiner.

Jeff tells TMZ … he and his associate Lauren were notified this week any individual claiming to be Erik’s member of the family claimed the stays, and so that they’re scrapping their plans to get him cremated and unfold his ashes at their Oklahoma zoo.

As we first speedy you … Jeff became once below the impression Erik did not get a family and his stays might per chance toddle unclaimed, so Jeff became once in a position to step in so Cowie’s body wouldn’t be dumped into a mass grave without a lawful send-off.

Now, Jeff says he heard Erik had 2 children … but he says he did not ponder either would get attain forward since the kids were estranged from their dad.

A spokesperson for the NYC Clinical Examiner’s Place of job confirmed to TMZ … a member of the family claimed Cowie’s stays, even though the M.E. did no longer content who.

As we reported … Jeff and Lauren were planning to get a immense memorial service for Erik, but now they’re switching gears to a minute salvage-along with staff on the zoo as a substitute of a public sendoff.

Jeff says he would not must eradicate any order from Erik’s family, that can also need their very non-public service.

TMZ broke the account … Erik became once stumbled on stupid final week in the Immense Apple, where he became once visiting a friend and became once stumbled on at her space. He became once 53.

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