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TikTok Shares Insights Into One of the Prime Label/Creator Partnerships on the Platform in 2021

TikTok Shares Insights Into One of the Prime Label/Creator Partnerships on the Platform in 2021

Image by Carlos “Kaito” Araujo

Some familiar faces in there, exiguous doubt.

As defined by TikTok:

“No platform has impacted custom better than TikTok in 2021, whose hyper-unsleeping and engaged group skyrocketed to better than 1 billion customers globally, offering brands with an unmatched opportunity. From Clinique’s #zithappens marketing campaign (9.6B views) that includes creator Jasmine Sullivan to the #JifRapChallenge (6.9B views) that includes creator Chakira Clark, the checklist proves that with the true artistic spark and collaboration, any label – regardless of exchange – is in a position to establishing a cultural phenomenon on TikTok.”

The Culture Driver mini-intention includes an overview of the featured creators and their marketing partners, besides an ‘A to Z’ of TikTok traits.

TikTok Culture Driver list

Each and each letter of the alphabet has its possess, 10-second clip, which aims to highlight a particular ingredient that drives engagement in the app. Which would be now now not overly insightful in themselves, nonetheless the final list does provide some factual pointers as to the skill you furthermore mght can align your insist material system, and formulate a more straightforward TikTok marketing skill.

The mini-intention also includes a list of high creators in a ramification of light-heartedly assigned categories:

Tapping through on any of these will raise up a profile of every creator/label partnership, along with a link through to the relevant clips, which affords more perception into the specifics of every promotion, and how the creators approached it – which would perhaps perhaps extra repeat your possess skill.

There are some attention-grabbing insights here, and in the event you’re taking a look for to faucet into TikTok in your marketing efforts, it’s value taking a look for, and seeing how other agencies had been profitable with their TikTok tie-in campaigns.

You have to likely perhaps strive the contemporary TikTok ‘Culture Driver’ Record mini-intention here.

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