Tim Tebow outrage is over the head; plus, thoughts on Teddy Bridgewater’s gripe and DK Metcalf’s bound

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Worn NFL player and scout Bucky Brooks knows the ins and outs of this league, providing alive to perception in his notebook. The matters of this version consist of:

— Teddy Bridgewater’s practice gripe: constructive criticism or bitter grapes?

— A unsightly pattern for defensive coordinators across the league.

Nonetheless first, a evaluate on the aptitude return of an NFL lightning rod …

Nothing sets off the Twitterverse cherish Tim Tebow, however I acquire not understand the outrage spawning from the Jacksonville Jaguars’ curiosity in the aged Heisman Trophy winner. Whereas this self-discipline is undeniably fresh — with a 33-Three hundred and sixty five days-outmoded making an try to transition from quarterback to tight discontinue after a protracted football layoff — I own the furor over Urban Meyer kicking the tires on with out a doubt one of his most embellished aged players is over the head.

Within the NFL, coaches are inclined to bask in “pet cats” who accompany them every time they alternate groups. As an illustration, this offseason, we bask in viewed Keanu Neal and Damontae Kazee phrase Dan Quinn to Dallas. Casey Hayward currently joined Gus Bradley in Las Vegas, and Kyle Fuller reunited with Vic Fangio in Denver.

To boot, we bask in viewed coaches add veterans with diminished video games for reasons that lope previous the stat sheet, cherish Jon Gruden signing Jason Witten final Three hundred and sixty five days to aid as a mentor for a younger Raiders roster, and Adam Gase including Frank Gore to the Jets’ lineup to form more management in the locker room.

These reunions are driven by coach-player relationships built on belief, and Tebow’s doable opportunity is one other example. Meyer not only knows Tebow, however he trusts him implicitly attributable to their collective success on the College of Florida. The duo claimed a pair of national titles for the Gators, with the QB1 acting as an extension of the head coach because the team’s undisputed chief. Most severely, they built a bond basically basically based on mutual respect, admiration and maniacal competitiveness. Given all that, or not it isn’t that irritating to like why Meyer would grasp into story bringing in his aged star pupil after the latter expressed an curiosity in returning to the NFL at a assorted self-discipline.

“We haven’t signed Tim,” Meyer clarified this week on Cris Collinsworth’s Skilled Soccer Point of curiosity podcast. “There could be a belief going round. He used to be in the simplest shape of his life, asked to leer if he could well per chance also figure out with a couple of our coaches. I wasn’t even there. They came encourage to me and mentioned, ‘Wow, this man’s in nice shape.’ Then I went one other time and watched them try him out. And moreover they mentioned, ‘Move work on these items.’ He comes encourage later, they are making an try him out again — I’m not there — and in say that they come in and in say that they mentioned, ‘Wow, this man’s ball abilities, he’s a monumental athlete, he appears cherish he’s 18 years outmoded, not 20-whatever-he-is, 33.’ I mentioned, ‘Guys you acquire not understand. Now this man is, he’s essentially the most competitive maniac you would also be ever gonna talk to and let’s give it a shot.’ “

All that mentioned, I’ll admit that Tebow’s sudden re-emergence in the NFL world on the initiating raised my eyebrow. And I come at this as a aged player/scout, most fresh league-wide analyst and — in the curiosity of full disclosure — a Jaguars contributor and preseason coloration man. Tebow hasn’t played in an NFL traditional-season game since December of 2012. Moreover, of his three NFL seasons, only one used to be spent basically as a starter. The remainder of the time, he used to be once quickly a gadget curiosity.

Excited by it has been over a decade since Tebow posted stable athletic checking out numbers on the NFL Scouting Combine — SEE: 4.71 40-yard mosey, 38.5-trudge vertical soar, 4.17 20-yard shuttle, 6.66 three-cone drill — the susceptible faces prolonged odds in shaking off the rust and transitioning to a fresh self-discipline. The aged signal-caller must modify to playing out of a three-point stance, while mastering the art of blocking and route-running. To boot, he must utter the toughness and physicality to be an extension of the offensive line in the trenches, and show sufficient competence as a disappear catcher to be a credible threat in the aerial attack.

Restful, while or not it’s only pure to deem Tebow would strive towards to invent this kind of big alternate at his evolved age, I used to be vastly surprised by the optimism expressed to me by a aged NFL tight ends coach.

“Tebow is the superb piece of clay to mildew,” mentioned the aged coach, who has experience training aged basketball players as tight ends. “He has toughness, intelligence, length, energy and physicality. Plus, quarterbacks once quickly bask in very good ball abilities.”

What about making a self-discipline swap at age 33?

“By all accounts, he’s in astonishing shape and his competitive nature is off the charts. He has a probability to pull it off.”

Sure, Tebow isn’t going to emerge as a Skilled Bowl-caliber playmaker, however he has the aptitude to bear a unbiased as a Blake Bell-cherish contributor. The aged Oklahoma quarterback has carved out a nice NFL profession as a TE2/TE3. Tebow could well per chance also phrase a an analogous course to emerge as a rotational player/special groups contributor if he flashes sufficient athleticism and talent to take care of on the sphere as discontinue/H-encourage.

The doable signing of Tebow has drawn the ire of football followers in each put aside, however this kind of disappear could well per chance also very properly be designed to bolster Jacksonville’s new tradition while including depth at a self-discipline of want.

Prolonged chronicle immediate: Or not it’s understandable that this coach would kick these particular tires.

PANTHERS: Safe not tune out Teddy’s criticism!

Presumably Broncos QB Teddy Bridgewater‘s fresh feedback about the Panthers’ preparation for key scenarios final season are indicative of a case of bitter grapes. Or per chance the susceptible signal-caller used to be offering legitimate advice to his aged coaches. It’ll be somewhat of bit of every.

“I’ll fair suppose this, for (offensive coordinator) Joe Brady’s development, that group, they’re going to want to practice assorted issues in assorted techniques,” Bridgewater told the All Things Covered podcast with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden. “One ingredient we did not acquire grand of after I used to be there, we did not practice two minutes, in fact. We did not practice red zone. You stroll thru the red zone stuff, and then Saturday, you come out and practice red zone, however you would only acquire cherish 15 live reps. Guys’ reps could well per chance doubtless be restricted.”

For his piece, Panthers head coach Matt Rhule mentioned he used to be upset in the remarks, however sooner than you throw shade at Bridgewater for his efficiency because the Panthers’ starting QB, it could per chance per chance per chance doubtless be essential to ticket that he used to be declaring a broad contrast from the frail schedule in the team’s formula to the practice week. Most NFL groups utilize a schedule that ingredients the following on a regular foundation emphasis:

Sunday: Sport

Monday: Movie evaluation/mild workout

Tuesday: Restoration day

Wednesday: First and 2d down

Thursday: Third down/blitz

Friday: Pink zone/two-minute drill

Saturday: Walkthrough

Within the future of his time as Eagles head coach (2013-15), Chip Kelly equipped the NFL to a brand new practice schedule basically basically based on his sports science learn. The forward-thinking coach flipped the practice week to be determined his players had been brisker on game days, inserting together an agenda that looked more cherish this:

Sunday: Sport

Monday: Restoration day

Tuesday: First and 2d down

Wednesday: First and 2d down

Thursday: Third down/blitz/red zone/two-minute drill

Friday: Walkthrough

Saturday: Paunchy-speed evaluation practice

Rhule and the Panthers could well per chance also subscribe to a an analogous practice schedule, with Fridays belief of as mild days adopted by a heavier practice on Saturday.

“I’m not going to delve into specifics about our course of, some of that’s tell to us,” Rhule mentioned on Wednesday evening, per the Panthers’ legitimate internet put. “Nonetheless I own in fact good about our preparation, and the quantity of work our coaches build in and the quantity of work our players build in. The quantity of practice work, I own we push them in a terribly clean formula.

“Have to you would even bask in 140 guys in a locker room, guys will disagree on some issues once quickly. You should well per chance doubtless not ask everybody to consider every thing. Nonetheless I own in fact good about what we acquire, I are looking out to be determined that to express I own in fact good about the intention we practice and our course of. I’m upset to listen to he did not feel the identical formula.”

Rhule makes accurate ingredients relating to the challenge of appeasing a locker room crammed with players with assorted preparation preferences. Some guys grasp a heavy workload with a ton of repetitions, while others can acquire ready for game day with minimal on-field work.

That mentioned, I could well per chance also not lend a hand however seek for that Rhule mentioned “140 guys” in the locker room. Presumably it used to be a scamper of the tongue to present a number that’s more synonymous with a college roster (most school rosters encompass 125-plus players) when put next with the 90-man training camp rosters in the NFL. It made me marvel if Rhule is quiet adjusting to the expert game after spending several years as a college head coach at Temple and Baylor.

With that in thoughts, Bridgewater’s feedback relating to the Panthers’ practice schedule and the alleged lack of emphasis on situational football could well per chance even bask in merit, severely with a younger offensive coordinator quiet acclimating to a brand new unbiased. Endure in thoughts, 2020 used to be Brady’s first Three hundred and sixty five days as a factual offensive coordinator at any level. He had to take care of more tasks while adjusting to a expert game that averages fewer entire plays than the college game and places the next emphasis on serious scenarios, severely by formula of red-zone, third-down and two-minute-drill prep.

Bridgewater’s efficiency completely played a unbiased in the Panthers ranking 28th in red-zone efficiency and ending 0-for-8 in unhurried-game scenarios when that they had a probability to grasp the lead or tie the game. Nonetheless, the instructing workers ought to quiet re-glance its guidelines on how to be determined his successor, Sam Darnold, has a better probability of success in serious moments.

If the instructing workers heeds the advice that seeps thru Bridgewater’s bitter grapes, the Panthers’ offense could well per chance also form comely wine in 2021.

DK METCALF: Concern this world-class deep threat!

DK Metcalf did not assemble a insist on Crew USA for the Tokyo Olympics, however his stable efficiency sooner or later weekend’s USA Tune and Field Golden Video games and Distance Start completely did not aloof any nerves in defensive meeting rooms across the league. Even though his 10.37-2d time in the 100 meters ranked 15th out of 17 competitors in the occasion, Metcalf’s exhibiting as a 6-foot-4, 230-pounder positively made defensive coaches and defensive backs cringe.

To be factual, a vary of the defensive queasiness existed sooner than Metcalf’s bound. Nonetheless his exploits as a sprinter will additional flummox opponents tasked with handling the broad-bodied disappear catcher on the perimeter. With a time that places him in the vicinity of the country’s only sprinters — elite athletes who looked little by comparison — Metcalf will power cornerbacks to deeply ponder their ways and tactics when coping with him on the island.

Metcalf’s speed as a supersized disappear catcher will discourage some defenders from making an try to play bump-and-bound on the road of scrimmage. He’s too broad for scrawny cornerbacks to leisurely down with one-hand jams and his explosive burst will invent it irritating for defenders to protect in his hip pocket in a 40-yard mosey along the boundary on lope-routes. Nonetheless if a cornerback elects to play from distance, the free birth will enable Metcalf to acquire into his route at maximum speed without resistance. This could per chance per chance also build immediate stress on the quilt man to sustain his cushion as he backpedals or turns and runs early when he senses a vertical route coming from No. 14. The dread ingredient will only amplify with a verified 100-meter time and viral video of the chiseled freak storming down the track.

The problem Metcalf gifts will proceed to power defensive play-callers to grasp into story “cloud” coverage (corner presses the receiver on the road and then stays in the flat while the protection offers coverage over the head) or other double-team/bracket tactics to neutralize the 23-Three hundred and sixty five days-outmoded’s broad-play doable. Two years into his NFL profession, Metcalf’s averaging 15.6 yards per grasp, with 30 grabs of 20-plus yards and 9 of 40-plus. Opponents had been already responsive to his explosiveness, however this track showcase will only additional spook opponents lining up across from Metcalf.

Heading into the 2021 advertising campaign, the Seahawks’ designated broad-play specialist is poised to cement his put as a world-class playmaker.


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