Top 20 Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

Top 20 Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

Luxury phones are more than just expensive. They offer features that are in line with their owners’ needs. These models offer aristocratic prestige and showcase the beauty of technology. These phones are made from high-end materials like gold and platinum. They are also more durable than ordinary phones. In addition to their price, these handsets come with a lifetime warranty. Read on to learn about the most expensive smartphones available.

Goldvish Revolution

The Goldvish Revolution is one of the most luxurious smartphones in the world, weighing 180 grams and made from 18-karat white gold and black diamonds. Its back is made from valuable African tree wood, about 200 years old. The phone’s keys are set with 32-carat gem sapphires and 20-carat VVS1 diamonds. A gold-plated case and fine leather are both part of its design.

Diamond Crypto

The price of the Diamond Crypto smartphone has reached crores of dollars. The device is the creation of Peter Aloisson, an Austrian jewellery craftsman, and the Russian company JSC Ancort. The Diamond Crypto has end-to-end encryption which makes it very secure against cyber attacks. The phone is equipped with high encryption so that the users’ data is safe from hackers and blackmail. It can also be used for trading and storing crypto.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Currently, Gresso is the only company to offer this luxury smartphone, and it is priced at $20k. The phone is made of solid gold and African blackwood. In addition, it features a keypad made of 17 manually polished sapphires. Its price may not deter you from buying it, though, because the phone will be available for purchase by the end of this month.

Vertu Cobra

The Vertu Cobra is one of the world’s most expensive smartphones. The price is over a million dollars. In addition to the price tag, the phone is also one of the rarest models. Its price is the highest of all the smartphones on this list. The phone is available in plain leather, and starts at $9,000 and goes up to $19,000 in the higher end version.

iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition

The iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition is one of the most expensive smartphones in the world, with its incredibly high price tag. The SuperNova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond comes in rose gold, platinum, and 24 karat gold. It costs $48.5 million, and has a massive pink diamond on its back. The iPhone comes with both a primary camera and a selfie camera, and is coated in bespoke anti-hacking technology.

Princess Plus

The iPhone Princess Plus is one of the most expensive smartphones around. With a price tag of $176,400 USD, it is a pretty penny to have it. It was designed by Peter Aloisson and is crafted from gold and the base of the original iPhone. However, the price tag makes the phone a rare find. Nevertheless, it is well worth the money. Its specifications and appearance make it a unique and expensive smartphone.

Gresso Regal Gold

The Gresso Regal Gold is a new luxury smartphone. Produced by Gresso, one of the world’s leading luxury phone manufacturers, the phone has a PVD-coated titanium body and a gold PVD coating. It costs a whopping $5,500 and comes in three different models. The R1 model comes in titanium only, while the R2 and the Gold model are available with PVD and gold.

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