Tyron Woodley calls out Jake Paul to determine on up ‘fresh deal’ for boxing rematch: ‘You’re being a coward’

Tyron Woodley’s message to Jake Paul is a straightforward one: We had a deal.

No longer up to 24 hours after the conclusion of Woodley’s blockbuster boxing debut in opposition to Paul, which he lost by task of damage up decision, the weak UFC welterweight champion seemed on The MMA Hour and known as on Paul to honor his end of the fresh low cost the 2 opponents agreed to within the ring Sunday evening in Cleveland following their pay-per-gape bout — a deal that ensured he would decide up his chance at a train rematch in opposition to Paul as lengthy as he adopted by on getting an “I Like Jake Paul” tattoo inked someplace on his body.

“He’s looking to support out of it,” Woodley suggested host Ariel Helwani. “He’s being a coward. I’m calling you out: You’re being a coward.

“I’m willing to be a particular person and honor my end of the deal. He made a fresh deal, since he’s the one who makes the bets. Now the guess blew up to your face. Let’s make it. I’m willing and I’ll. If I’ve obtained to determine on up my possess tattoo artist, I maintain I’m sliding to L.A., let’s decide up it cracking. But I must sight some paperwork, because him and his manager are starting to determine on up proper [shady]. He suggested me in there, he said, ‘Tyron, I supply you my observe.’ Here is what [Paul representative] Nakisa [Bidarian] suggested me, ‘Tyron, I supply you my observe.’ And he’s been stable — he’s by no formulation suggested me one dispute and now not been stable about it. I obtained a range of adore for Nakisa. He said, ‘Whilst you happen to determine on up the tattoo tonight, we’ll supply you the rematch.’ And I said, ‘Guess. Let’s fling it.’”

The tattoo guess is, surely, nothing fresh. Woodley and Paul within the origin agreed in July that the loser of their bout would decide up a tribute to the opposite man tattooed on their body. Paul even flew out renown tattoo artist Tatu Minute one to make the deed within the loser’s locker room at as soon as following the fight on Sunday evening, but it didn’t end up occurring as soon as a fresh version of the deal used to be proposed amid the put up-fight chaos within the ring.

But Woodley made it sure Monday that he’s silent game to determine on up his fresh ink as lengthy as Paul stays ethical to his observe. And he isn’t unnerved about what critics within the MMA neighborhood and of us treasure Daniel Cormier who’re calling for him to renege on the deal must stutter about it.

“Man, all these MMA of us are making an strive to stutter me what to make,” Woodley said. “Where the f*ck were these MMA of us when they were booing me? After they didn’t give me the distinction or give me the props? But everyone needs to stutter me what to make and solutions to make it? And so they all are searching for to follow me now. Now everyone’s in a boxing gymnasium and f*cking shadowboxing and wanting to determine on up fights.

“I treasure the adore and pork up, but mediate it — none of these of us were on my aspect. Now I’m speculated to f*cking care what you bid? Nah. I obtained adore for DC, but sh*t, when it comes all the intention in which down to it, we’re talking about a rematch, this makes extra sense for me to determine on up a little bit f*cking tattoo and I essentially have a story within the support of it: I f*cking obtained robbed by the judges, I f*cking knocked this baby by the ropes, they said I lost, I obtained this tattoo and I went and starched his ass.

“Here is all segment of the fable,” Woodley added. “Because as soon as I whoop his ass, I’m going to sight at that tattoo and I’m going to snigger. And it’s potentially going to be a trilogy because he’s going to are searching for to strive to determine on up revenge support, and we’ll have a total f*cking Rocky dispute.”

Woodley, 39, fared better than Paul’s old three pro boxing opponents, all of whom obtained knocked out within the first two rounds, along side Woodley’s teammate Ben Askren.

Woodley used to be by no formulation essentially in hazard within the future of the eight-spherical contest and landed some unparalleled punches of his possess, the biggest of which came within the future of a Spherical 4 salvo that seen him nearly knock Paul by the ropes – a series he believes used to be incorrectly officiated and can honest’ve been dominated a knockdown.

“I don’t know the intention the rules dawdle, and I’m now not going to be petty enough to dawdle and stutter it or contest it or whatever the f*ck you bid,” Woodley said. “But as soon as I hit him, per my opinion of the rules, if the rope is helping you up, we can must silent be at a standing eight depend. I don’t know whenever you’ve considered the flicks and the memes, but he used to be beneath that high rope — the Stefan Struve rope — he used to be leaning on the No. 2 rope and his wrist used to be on the No. 3 rope. I maintain that if these ropes aren’t there, he’s on his support.

“Per chance his head bounces off the canvas. Per chance when he stands up and the referee gets in his face and begins giving him a depend, it freaks him out. Per chance I eradicate a deep breath and I’m in a position to seem the prey a little bit bit better and I’m in a position to perchance decide up him out of there. We don’t know because we didn’t decide up a extensive gamble to sight that.

“So I essentially feel treasure whoever said I only won two rounds, I’ll beat your ass,” Woodley continued, “because clearly that’s f*cking a shaggy dog fable. And I essentially feel treasure even supposing they didn’t mediate it a knockdown, I silent essentially feel treasure that spherical used to be a 10-8 spherical. I’m talking about Spherical 4. He used to be ethical getting hit with every energy shot that it’s likely you’ll well perchance perchance recall to mind and he used to be working, he used to be wobbling.”

Then yet again, Woodley acknowledged that there were adjustments he can must silent’ve made to his formulation. Most of all, he agreed with critics who said he can must silent’ve been a busier fighter and thrown extra punches; he averaged little extra than six landed punches per spherical and spent lengthy stretches of the fight with his weapons silent firmly of their holsters.

That doesn’t mean Woodley thinks the beautiful man won, even though, and he revealed he’s already obtained a slew of cell phone calls over the closing day from boxing champions who agree that he obtained robbed of a judges’ decision that will well must silent’ve belonged to him.

“I talked to Floyd [Mayweather] closing evening, a couple other world champions,” Woodley said. “Riddick Bowe hit me up this day. Chris ‘Primetime’ [Colbert] hit me up. Andre Ward hit me up. Claressa [Shields] hit me up. And everyone, they said, ‘Man, for any individual who’s by no formulation boxed earlier than and is crossing over into our world, we’re searching for to present you props, because you fought these f*cking eight rounds.’ Everyone believed I won.

“They additionally agreed with, treasure you said, I also can’ve thrown a little bit bit extra.”

Paul is silent undecided on his next switch. He suggested newshounds at Sunday evening’s put up-fight press conference that he isn’t sure if he’ll fight yet again in 2021 or who his next fight will be in opposition to. Tommy Fury, the half-brother of boxing champion Tyson Fury who defeated Paul’s sparring companion Anthony Taylor on Sunday’s undercard, is one title that’s been thrown around.

But there’s little doubt in Woodley’s thoughts that he and Paul silent have unfinished industry.

“Jake, don’t be a b*tch, dog,” Woodley said. “Fair make the movie treasure it’s speculated to be. Here’s a unparalleled scene within the movie, we’re midway by the movie. Raze it out the beautiful formulation. Don’t dawdle and fight no [Tommy] Fury. Nobody needs to sight that fight.”

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