Tyron Woodley reveals off his ‘I in actuality admire Jake Paul’ tattoo on his center finger

Tyron Woodley appears to be like to be to beget some fresh ink in honor of Jake Paul.

The earlier UFC welterweight champion has curiously adopted up on the pre-fight wager he made with Paul sooner than their most in model Triller boxing bout this past August. Paul and Woodley informally proposed that the shedding fighter procure a tattoo someplace on their body, but after Woodley lost a resolution to Paul he at the muse reneged on the deal unless Paul agreed to a rematch.

Woodley later mentioned he would struggle thru with having the tattoo accomplished and on Monday, he shared a portray on Instagram of his center finger with “I in actuality admire Jake Paul” inked across it.

Woodley tagged Paul in the accompanying caption:

I in actuality a lot like you son. Now come and procure this ass whippin reason i heard you been talking assist to your elders. #ManOfMyWord


Tattoo artist Rubia Santana is credited for the work.

It’ll aloof be effectively-known that it’s unclear if Woodley has in actuality added a permanent tattoo to his body or if here’s merely a gag to extra his feud with Paul.

Paul later spoke back thru an Instagram story, running down why he believes Woodley bought the tattoo.

@jakepaul, Instagram

1. Tyron bought the wire from the fight

2. Tyron bought a historical Bentley

3. Tyron bought on a name with his accountant

4. His accountant told him how great he had to pay in taxes

5. Tyron bought the tattoo

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