Unwinding in Sort With the Stars of Dune, Shang-Chi, Bridgerton, and Extra

Coat by Gucci; pants and corset by Vivienne Westwood; corset high by Nearer the Moon; jewellery by David Morris.Photos by Tom Craig. Styled by Nathan Klein.

Claire Foy

KNOWN FOR: The Crown

UPCOMING: The Electrical Life of Louis Wain and A Very British Scandal

“I spent heaps of my childhood looking out to ogle adore diversified people or looking out to compare into something. And now I’m historical and I’m graceful adore, ‘Oh, what’s the point?’ I mediate that the most stylish persons are the folks who you ogle at and besides you graceful spin, ‘That’s you—that’s who you are.’ ”

Clothing by Bottega Veneta; jewellery by Chanel Shapely Jewellery.Photos by Tom Craig. Styled by Nathan Klein.

Sheila Atim

KNOWN FOR: The Underground Railroad

UPCOMING: Bruised and Constellations

“The day that I accomplished Underground Railroad used to be the day I spoke to Halle Berry about Bruised. She used to be adore, ‘You would like to beget to quit it?’ She is directing for the first time and to ogle a girl who is an icon—and who used to be winning awards when I used to be barely one—restful attempting new things, taking a jump, coming into into uncharted territory, nevertheless doing so with such capacity, instinct, and bravado, used to be gargantuan.”

Rebecca Ferguson

KNOWN FOR: The Finest Showman

UPCOMING: Dune and Mission: Very unlikely 7

Corset and pants by Vivienne Westwood; high by Dior; cuff (factual) by Lauren Perrin.Photos by Tom Craig. Styled by Nathan Klein.

“Following any individual who has loved something as noteworthy as Denis Villeneuve has loved Dune is a treat. It’s a reward, in actuality, to accelerate into that world, especially the put you’re led by a man who is so humble. Any invent of gender, creep, sexuality, irrespective of you are, he’s telling a account that works for this day, in a form of manipulated world.”

Prime by Valentino. Photos by Tom Craig. Styled by Nathan Klein.

Fala Chen

KNOWN FOR: The Undoing

UPCOMING: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Dress and boots by Alexander McQueen; gloves by Lauren Perrin.Photos by Tom Craig. Styled by Nathan Klein.

“Surprise reached out. Unfortunately, I used to be on my honeymoon and I used to be in Argentina, getting on a cruise ship to Antarctica for half of a month. There used to be a satellite cell phone at the captain’s self-discipline of industrial for family emergencies—that’s it. Three days later, I all straight away bought a bunch of text messages this capacity that of I purchased barely little bit of Wi-Fi. The most important one I opened said, ‘Congratulations.’ Surprise graceful made a proposal this capacity that of they gave up on looking out to reach me.”

Camille Cottin

KNOWN FOR: Name My Agent!

UPCOMING: Dwelling of Gucci

Dress by Moschino Couture; sneakers by Alexander McQueen; bracelet by David Morris.Photos by Tom Craig. Styled by Nathan Klein.

“I don’t would like to be name-dropping—I mediate it might perchance perchance perchance be very pretentious—nevertheless I had a conversation with a producer who told me that everyone told her to witness Name My Agent! this capacity that of she used to be a character. It turns out that the in the relief of-the-scenes of French cinema used to be barely relatable for the folks working in Hollywood.”

Dress by Moschino Couture; sneakers by Alexander McQueen; bracelet by David Morris.Photos by Tom Craig. Styled by Nathan Klein.

Phoebe Dynevor

KNOWN FOR: Bridgerton

UPCOMING: The Coloration Room

Dress by Louis Vuitton.Photos by Tom Craig. Styled by Nathan Klein.

“I anticipated just a few people to witness Bridgerton, nevertheless I never in actuality willing myself for the phenomenon. So I’m in actuality in actuality appreciative that I used to be at home, very noteworthy grounded with my whole family, quarantining. Life, externally, hadn’t in actuality changed. It used to be noteworthy more troublesome to witness it with my grandparents. That used to be awkward.”

Sandra Oh

KNOWN FOR: Killing Eve


Swimsuit and boots by Chanel; high by Dior; earrings by Dior Shapely Jewellery.Photos by Tom Craig. Styled by Nathan Klein.

“One of many many things I learned from the pandemic is barely bit more hardiness with chaos. Our director, Dan Longino, wears glasses, after which he has a cover after which a protect and it used to be frosty, so it’s fully fogging up. I’m adore, ‘Dan, Dan, can you even gaze us?’ And he goes, ‘Fully now not.’ But there used to be something in the self-discipline—I felt your total company leaning in to convey, ‘We’re going to quit this.’ ”


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