Upcoming Hakuoki OVA’s New PV Introduces Villain Cherish Hobby for Chizuru

Hakuoki is one of many most cherished otome franchises ever. It appears like ever since its begin, we web it in some make or one other, be it a spinoff sport, an anime, movie, or OVA, like this time spherical.

The OVA’s myth, just like the unique sport, revolves spherical Chizuru, who travels with the Shinsengumi in notify to admire for her father. She will be able to get caught up in a warfare with Bakumatsu, who come what would possibly per chance is said to her father.

The legit web arena for Otamate’s gaming franchise Hakuoki has released a promotional video for the upcoming usual video animation. 


OVA “Hakuouki” teaser PV

The PV begins in a moonlight Kyoto where we undercover agent glimpses of Chizuru and the comfort of the Shinsengumi. Then Kazama Chikage, a member of Bakumatsu, the enemies of Shinsengumi, looks to casually confront the community head-on.

The OVA can have three episodes which is able to be exclusively readily accessible on U-NEXT on November 13, 2021, December 11, 2021, and January 29, 2022, respectively. The Blu-ray and DVD variations will ship from December 24, 2021, January 28, 2022, and February 25, 2022.

A key visual for the OVA has moreover been published.

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The visual displays Chizuru at the centre, with other key people of the Shinsengumi: Hajime, Souji, Heisuke, Sanosuke, and Toshizou. These are the 5 out of six doable like pursuits for Chizuru within the unique otome sport.

The OVA will most likely be produced by Studio DEEN with the next group:

Feature  Personnel Other Works
Director Osamu Yamasaki Rent-A-Girlfriend
Character Manufacture Atsuko Nakajima Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakomoto
Music Kou Otani JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

The online arena has moreover released the forged for the OVA.

Character Forged Other Roles
Chizuru Yukimura Houko Kuwashima  Tomoyo Sakagami (Clannad)
Toshizō Hijikata Shinichiro Miki  Alucard (Castlevania)
Sōji Okita Showtaro Morikubo  Goro Shigeno (Main)
Hajime Saitō Kousuke Toriumi  Acnologia (Fairy Tail)
Heisuke Tōdō Hiroyuki Yoshino  Hajime Iwaizumi (Haikyu!!)
Sanosuke Harada Koji Yusa  Gin Ichimaru (Bleach)
Chikage Kazama Kenjiro Tsuda   Hannes (Assault On Titan)
Hyōgo Sakai Shōta Aoi Kenichi Yoshii (Devil’s Line) 

Even supposing this usual myth introduces a brand novel persona into the franchise, we don’t know if he would be the first like interest within the parable. With any luck no longer, as everybody knows Toshizo is the accurate husbando.

About Hakuoki

Hakuoki is a Eastern otome online sport series by Belief Factory, released for the PlayStation 2 and ported to many other platforms. The series has been tailored as two diversified manga series and 3 anime seasons.

Chizuru Yukimura heads to Kyoto to admire for her father, finding herself attacked by madmen earlier than they are decrease down by people of the Shinsengumi who mistake her for a boy and salvage her into custody.

Upon studying that she is a lady and the daughter of a health care provider who developed the Water of Lifestyles, the Shinsengumi settle to attend her as an aide of their search.

Nonetheless, as time passes, Chizuru and Shinsengumi confront a mysterious faction who call themselves Oni and that Chizuru is moreover an Oni.

Source: Hakuoki Game Legitimate Web arena

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